EBAC Industrial Products LTD

Dehumidifiers for every situation

Stop dampness from condensation
Prevent rust and corrosion
Save on ventilation and heating cost
Eliminate mold and mildew
Maintain controlled humidity
Reduce maintenance costs
Prevent unpleasant environments

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We have over 42 years experience in the design and development of Industrial Dehumidifiers and Bespoke Air conditioning systems for use within Military and Rail Applications.


Whenever there’s a need for fast, reliable and energy efficient drying. EIP has the answer. In new building contruction, in renovation or alteration of existing buildings, or in special circumstances such as flooding, there is no quicker, surer or more economical way to reduce moisture content without risk of damage of the buildings materials.

Whether you’re cleaning up water damage after a hurricane, drying lumber, or just need to keep your warehouse or basement humidity under control. we have a high quality machine to fit your needs.


EIP guarantees profitable technical wood drying. EIP drying systems dry smoothly and at the some time gently without causing any damage to the wood. The specific use of proven and progressive technology ensures that any kind of wood is dried in the appropriate conditions without problems. This applies equally to demanding high-grade timber the drying of which is known to require o lot of skill. The well conceived operating technology permits economic use of expensive energy and con even make use of alternative energy sources.


EIP Military Products specialise in the design and manufacture of air conditioners and dehumidifiers for military applications. Systems are currently deployed with a number of defence agencies.