A water heater, also called a boiler, is a device that uses a certain type of energy to heat water, through a thermodynamic process.

The water heater is used in different places like residential, commercial and industrial areas.

A water heater is of great help when requiring a good bath with hot water, since it helps us to raise the temperature of the water using energy. The energy used by a water heater can be fuels such as natural gas, LP gas, coal, etc., other types of energy such as solar, heat pumps and even geothermal energy can also be used.

An industrial water heater or industrial boiler is a device designed to heat large quantities of water for use in commercial and industrial applications. These heaters are much larger and more powerful than residential water heaters and are designed to provide large amounts of hot water at a constant, controlled temperature…

A Humidifier is a device used to increase the amount of humidity in the air or environment; allowing a healthy and optimal environment which prevents the proliferation of diseases and other types of agents that can harm our health.

The humidifier carries out a process of evaporation or nebulization of the water that is stored inside it, to achieve this there are different techniques depending on the type of humidifier that is being used.

An industrial humidifier is a device used in commercial or industrial environments such as warehouses, factories, hospitals, offices, among others. These devices are designed to work efficiently in areas with high humidity demands, and can be used to maintain proper humidity in sensitive environments such as laboratories, server rooms, museums, and libraries to increase air humidity in a room or space. of work.

These humidifiers are designed to handle large volumes of air and can be used in a variety of settings.

A dehumidifier is a device that reduces humidity in the environment.

Dehumidifiers at home help prevent the generation of mold and fungus growth, prevention of allergies, elimination of odors, conservation of furniture, floors and walls, conservation of materials, etc.

Dehumidifiers in the industry have multiple benefits such as avoiding oxidation, controlling the behavior of materials, chemicals, processes or things in general, etc.

An industrial dehumidifier is a device designed to reduce the level of humidity in large spaces such as warehouses, factories, server rooms, greenhouses, indoor pools, among others. It works by removing moisture from the air and collecting the water in a reservoir or by draining it directly.

Industrial dehumidifiers are different from residential models in that they are designed to work in larger, more demanding environments, and have greater moisture removal capabilities. They are also designed to operate for longer periods of time and more frequently.