What is a water heater?

Electric step boiler-heater 27 kw 230 volts single phase H2OTEKA water heater, also called a boiler, is a device that uses a certain type of energy to heat water, through a thermodynamic process.

The water heater is used in different places like residential, commercial and industrial areas.

A water heater is of great help when requiring a good bath with hot water, since it helps us to raise the temperature of the water using energy. The energy used by a water heater can be fuels such as natural gas, LP gas, coal, etc., other types of energy such as solar, heat pumps and even geothermal energy can also be used.

Most common applications of Heaters.

We can use them in: houses, schools, industries, hospitals, businesses, offices, sports facilities, laboratories, among many others, and you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

In addition to providing us with hot water for different activities, heaters bring us great benefits, a good example would be the solar heater, it helps us financially since it saves us buying fuel, and, as if that were not enough, it helps to protect the environment.

Energy costs used in a water heater.

In the long run, the largest cost associated with heating water is fuel, rather than the cost of equipment and installation. We pay the water heater and its installation only once, while the fuel must be paid every month. Since natural gas is the cheapest, it is the logical choice in most countries. But natural gas isn’t always available, especially in remote locations.

The second option is propane gas or LPG. It is up to us to do research to find out what fuels are available in the area and which offer better savings options.

Solar energy can be applied directly to water heating, there are commercial kits that contain all the necessary accessories to heat water and accumulate it for later uses. Although this system cannot cover all the hot water requirement, it is an aid that allows us to save energy. Although probably in winter, when we need hot water the most, there is a huge cloud over our house.