Alternatives in artificial climate systems with better energy efficiency: Save money with a humidifier

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Save money with a humidifier

Conventional air conditioning mechanisms certainly provide the necessary freshness for large complexes, but they do not often ensure pure air, and even more so if they do not have adequate maintenance throughout their system. So, is there a way to save more money with devices that have better energy efficiency? Yes, and humidification devices are the key.

In caring for the family economy, it is not uncommon for devices such as humidifiers, desiccants, nebulizers, or any purification system to be relegated to common air conditioning, since, in small or medium-sized spaces, they are more coupled systems from a point of view. functional, practical, and energetic view. Unfortunately, unsustainable energy costs continue to rise significantly, and more so at a commercial or industrial level. In that sense, it is essential to look at mechanisms and components that are more friendly to the environment and, of course, to our economy.

Save money with a humidifier

A household with a certain number of members and that also has a Mini Split or air conditioning, usually spends at least bimonthly, no less than 800 pesos, and that is if it has a saving system, such as Inverter technology. Therefore, it is highly advisable to turn to other types of devices that are more convenient for the home, or even a workplace with not very large dimensions.

For example, the humidifier is a device that, by placing it in precise points, can provide the necessary freshness for a home with high thermal sensation. The good thing about these products is that they come fixed or portable, which makes them highly practical for any residential or commercial area.

As is well known, the types of humidification mechanisms to be found are cold steam, hot steam, and ultrasonic. In themselves, all of them are beneficial for the home or workplace, the question lies in choosing the best one depending on the conditions of the home and the surrounding regional climate.

For example, for those who have babies at home, perhaps the most convenient devices are steam ones, to help the little one’s breathing while he sleeps; just consider having the device at a good distance. On the other hand, ultrasonic ones tend to be safer in the integral aspect of the system and the components themselves, because steam ones will require more cleaning and maintenance so that there is no risk of agglomeration of microorganisms.

On the other hand, there are humidifiers with essence, which in addition to eliminating uncomfortable environmental dryness, can guarantee a pleasant environment for anyone. You just need to be careful with the types of scents, since for some people they could be counterproductive, especially if they are prone to allergies and other respiratory issues. It’s all about knowing how to dilute the essences in the tank so that this mix is optimally dispersed throughout a room.

Centralized humidification systems

Another option is centralized humidification systems. These mechanisms are intrinsically connected to the ventilation ducts of a building, homes, or industrial warehouses. So, they can operate directly with the heating of an enclosure or the cooling, as the case may be.

Central humidifying networks vary a little from those portable devices because depending on the building project, the central system can supply itself by supplying the normal water used for bathrooms or the heating itself. On the other hand, in portable devices, the person must change the supply.

The clear advantage of centralized humidification lies in the work to maintain the system, both in the water supply, pipes, and the device itself, so that harmful microorganisms do not agglomerate when evaporation enters the rooms to provide the necessary oxygenation.

It is obvious that portable humidifiers do not present such problems, so their maintenance is easier in every way. These devices are practical, ductile, and prepared for any task in terms of healthy air conditioning, only taking care to prolong their useful life through good maintenance.

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