Avoid insect infestation in hotel areas with dehumidifiers for humidity control

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Avoid insect infestation in hotel areas with dehumidifiers for humidity control

In the rooms of a hotel or places to host tourism, the smallest unpleasant detail can result in bad publicity and an influx of people, and more with current social networks, where any situation can be spread easily and quickly.

It is not uncommon for many hotel businesses to have been in real predicaments, due to the presence of

Avoid insects with dehumidifier
Avoid insects with dehumidifier

significant dirt, as well as bugs that may appear; this has led some establishments to lawsuits and even bankruptcy, due to such simple details, but at the same time so important.

After all, the presence of insects in a place can lead to contracting important diseases, knowing that these bugs are potential transmitters of all kinds of conditions, which with the current COVID-19, is accentuated even more.

How to eliminate bugs or insects in your hotel with a humidity and temperature control – Install dehumidifier in rooms and bathrooms

Part of a good air conditioning, lies in the importance of having adequate fresh air or also an optimal heating. However, other parameters must also be taken into account, such as humidity, which has a significant impact on comfortable thermal sensation, as well as the eventual appearance of insects or fungi.

For example, excessive atmospheric saturation will invariably lead to the appearance of bugs and even wildlife inappropriate for a hotel. In this sense, it is best to have desiccant systems installed in strategic places, where there is a greater presence of tourists within a hotel complex, such as living rooms, dining rooms and, of course, in all rooms; it is essential to take this into account, and more in coastal areas.

Avoid insects with dehumidifier in hotel
Avoid insects with dehumidifier in hotel

Maintaining good lodging conditions is very important in order not to lose customers; There must be a lot of cleanliness and freshness, otherwise, these will be removed and bad recommendations will be generated that will undoubtedly affect your business financially.

Types of insects that usually appear in hotel areas

Avoid presence of silverfish with dehumidifier

They are critters that are attracted to high humidity conditions. Although it is directly harmless to humans, the other reality is that they are also capable of contaminating food and personal possessions in general; for example, books or writings, because they like paper. They do not sting or bite, but their presence can be annoying for many people.

Not controlling an infestation of this species will be disgusting for many customers and they will leave for good, with the possibility that they will never return. The inclusion of desiccants is essential, because these animals like to develop and reproduce in dark and humid environments. We must take advantage of the fact that they are photosensitive to get rid of them or better yet, that they do not appear in the hotel.

Avoid presence of Armadillidium vulgare (Oniscidea) with dehumidifier

Or also called ball bugs/pill bug. These little animals have many joints and an exoskeleton as a shell; they are very easy to identify. They are solitary, nocturnal and tend to feed on decomposed wood, so their mere

Avoid insect infestation in hotel areas
Avoid insect infestation in hotel areas

presence can denounce excessive humidity that damages wooden structures and furniture, which also causes fungi to appear.

It has recently been discovered that these oniscides are capable of cleaning the earth, getting rid of metallic contamination in it, such as cadmium, lead and other metals that generate important toxins. Therefore, these animals must be treated with great respect.

With all that, it is also important to keep them on the edge of a hotel room, because after all, it is not their natural habitat. In that sense, you always have to keep the rooms in order, with a lot of cleaning and including dehumidifiers in each of the areas.

Avoid presence of moths

Also, these flying insects are called a night butterfly. Despite some preconceptions about these critters, they should not be considered a pest. In addition, like bees and some types of flies, the moth is a pollinator, with the capacity to store a large amount of genetic material from plants.

They must be respected, but to avoid entering a hotel room and making customers uncomfortable, it is best to keep the windows tightly closed, as well as keep the place very clean, because they could be attracted by the lack of hygiene.

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