Avoid respiratory diseases in children with a guide for the use of dehumidifiers and humidification systems

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Guide for the use of dehumidifiers and humidification systems

Useful tools at home, such as desiccants and humidification systems, will make the home environment healthier in all aspects, especially knowing the presence of children in certain areas. These contribute to a microclimate improvement, avoiding the agglomeration of viruses and bacteria, those responsible for most of the diseases in the world, and where, unfortunately, people with sensitive respiratory systems suffer more.

Pediatricians agree that desiccation and a humidification mechanism, working together, are of great help in the home, as long as they meet some requirements, and do not become counterproductive tools for human health.

First of all, it is necessary to consult with a specialist or pediatrician, before acquiring such a device. Likewise, emphasize that a healthy environment begins with hygiene, not with the actions of the devices. In that sense, each room must be healthy, with good exchanges of natural air. Now when you think about buying a desiccant, humidifier, and similar systems, you must first think about the respiratory conditions of minors, that they do not have any allergies or respiratory problems that could be aggravated by household appliances. If there is no problem, then now it will be necessary to find out about the product, the type of maintenance it requires, and how often it should be cleaned, to ensure cleanliness in all its parts and that there is no accumulation of microorganisms, such as legionella.

Sometimes, the pictures of pediatric pneumonia can be increased with the different air conditioning mechanisms, due to the misuse that is given to them. For example, when purchasing baby humidification, care must be taken because, for no reason, devices with scented essences are NOT allowed. That is the main recommendation of pediatricians, and emphasizes again, the importance of correct and constant hygiene. Also, in the case of these products, they must be constantly cleaned in their containers.

How and when to use the dehumidifier

In reality, there is no specific seasonality to determine this, however, clear signals can be presented to turn them on or off, as the case may be. Precisely, when in the baby or small child, difficulty in passing air through the nostrils, or wheezing, is noted, especially when sleeping, then it is a clear indication that humidification could serve to improve their breathing during sleep. Of course, first attending normally to this kind of problem according to pediatric recommendations.

Another indication that there could be an environmental problem in a room with children is when they start sneezing out of nowhere. This is possibly due to the presence of allergens such as mold spores in the surrounding environment. For this reason, common sense dictates a general cleaning and detection of the contaminated point, to eliminate it based on chlorine; subsequently, a desiccant must be left nearby, to avoid an agglomeration of humidity, which leads to the creation of fungi or mold. If the problem is deeper, then a structural change to the room may be required, be it in walls, ceilings, or floors.

It is important to emphasize that, at any minimal symptom of allergy on the part of the minor, the specialist must analyze which is the most accurate cause. And later and under the support of it, use the humidification or desiccation system, as the case may be.

Specialists in respiratory diseases, such as pediatric researchers at the University of Verona, are convinced that the environmental conditions and exposure of the home will vary depending on its date and type of construction. For example, the sensation of humidity present in a house built in the 70s or 80s will be very different from those of newer structures. Likewise, they emphasize that habits determine the thermal fluctuations of a certain area, where cleaning and maintenance of air conditioning is a central axis of the healthy or unhealthy perception of a house. Just cleaning and maintaining the air conditioner to get it ready for summer, and doing the same with the heating for winter, could be more than enough to obtain the desired thermal comfort, with the desired humidification or desiccation

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