Care of fabrics and garments in places with high atmospheric saturation: Use of dehumidifiers to avoid harmful humidity at home

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Use of dehumidifiers to avoid harmful humidity at home

Some fabrics are more prone to damage than others. The problem is that each one deserves specific treatment in terms of washing and drying, hence the specification of washing machines. Likewise, a clear drawback is the high humidity that certain places tend to have, especially those with high atmospheric saturation, such as coastal cities or beaches. In addition to all this, the closets or closets could have a leak that spreads humidity systematically and even unnoticed, damaging the fabrics.

As mentioned, one of the reasons for the deterioration of fabrics in any clothing, whether blouses, shirts, or pants, is improper washing and poor drying. Damp clothing not only smells bad, but it will deteriorate more easily, whether in its fibers or its discoloration.

In places with a preponderance of high saturation, it represents a greater problem when caring for fabrics. In that sense, a dehumidifier as simple as it is must help us maintain a better balance in the home climate, including in the care of clothing, emphasizing those corners with a preponderance of humidity.

Take closets or closets as an example, where, being dark and humid places, it is normal for microorganisms such as mold or even insects to proliferate, further deteriorating clothing and fabrics. Therefore, the inclusion of desiccation in these places can help a lot to control the microclimate of very specific places, helping to care for material belongings and in the process, also helping us take care of our health.

Portable or fixed desiccants of a home or industrial nature are very useful for controlling climatic variables inside homes.

How to choose the best device?

Firstly, it is necessary to think very carefully about the type of device for home or work. If the exact locations are already well-defined, then it is best to opt for a fixed mechanism. On the other hand, laptops may give that range depending on the area, especially if the entire area is prone to high saturation. If in bedroom or closet areas there is a natural tendency to high humidity, without necessarily the region where you live being prone to saturation, then it is essential to check the structure of the home, since the root problem could be the waterproofing of the room. roofs or the home plumbing itself.

On the other hand, if the region usually has a humid tropical or semitropical climate, then the inclusion of dehumidifiers is essential in every way. In places like this, clothes and other clothing could suffer some damage and shorten their useful life. Therefore, in specific rooms of the house or workplace, desiccation is a relevant issue.

There are several types of drying mechanisms, and knowing the qualities could help you reach a good determination of what is needed. For example, a clear idea of knowing how to select one of these devices lies in the amount of air they can treat, as well as their extraction capacity and energy efficiency. If the desiccant is only going to be used in specific areas for the care of fabrics, clothing, and other valuable items, then a very robust system may not be needed, but only one capable of fully desiccating humid air to maintain saturation at bay.

The device should not be very large, so a small portable mechanism will be enough, and it will be able to fit everywhere, even in the darkest corners. Compact dehumidifiers are ideal, and they are also silent. On the other hand, they can be a bit annoying, because having little capacity in their small tanks, changing and emptying will be quite frequent.

There are efficient devices, with intelligent sensors capable of operating automatically as soon as they perceive a certain percentage of humidity in the environment. By being self-managed, it does not generate so much worry when operating them, guaranteeing constant operation.

Ultimately, it’s about choosing the best dehumidifier system, even a large one for an entire room, just ensuring its range reaches areas where valuable clothing and fabrics are.

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