Cleaning and use of dehumidifier to avoid rodent infestation by removing excessive moisture

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Cleaning and use of dehumidifier to avoid rodent infestation by removing excessive moisture

Cleaning and use of dehumidifier

Certain hot or humid climates in the United States can be enough to attract all kinds of infestations, from insects to small mammals such as rats and mice. The climate and the lack of cleanliness are also risk factors, so there must always be a good cleanliness in all

Sanitize and control humidity and temperature with dehumidifier
Sanitize and control humidity and temperature with dehumidifier

areas of a house or workplace, as well as having air conditioning mechanisms to balance humidity and temperature levels, with good ventilation and drying with dehumidifiers.

Rodents are considered an invasive and somewhat harmful species, since they are capable of killing crops, as well as spreading serious diseases. These Muridae, dating from the Miocene and originating from the African and Asian continents, are capable of adapting to all kinds of environments around the world, but what they really like are high temperatures and places with high levels of humidity. If they do nest in a place under such conditions, they will undoubtedly become a problem in the short term, due to their high reproductive capacity.

You just have to look at those big cities with hygiene problems, and whose proliferation of rats becomes a public health problem; the parasites that these animals distribute are very harmful to humans. In this sense, it is essential that in every work area, as well as in the home itself, there is impeccable hygiene in all aspects; likewise, balancing the humidity and temperature levels with a dehumidifier and ventilation will be of great help.

Diseases communicable from rodents to humans

Hantavirus. Condition derived from rat and mouse waste, combined with the dust and dirt of an urban area. If contracted, the symptoms will be severe, such as fevers, viral and kidney hemorrhages and even pulmonary syndromes.

Leptospirosis or Weil’s disease. It is also transmitted through the urine of these rodents, and its symptoms become truly problematic. These almost always end in the renal system, with high fever. If there is a problem with mice at home and these symptoms appear, it is essential to go to the emergency room, to receive the appropriate treatment before the situation worsens.

The best thing will always be to avoid these kinds of problems, with a thorough sanitation of the home and workplace. But also, trying to maintain an ideal climate, lowering the temperature and getting rid of all excessive humidity. For this reason, the installation of dehumidifiers in specific points of a closed area will help to establish the ideal thermal conditions for humans and thus also prevent the proliferation of insects and small mammals.

Toxoplasmosis The transmission is the same as the previous diseases, but with the variant that they can also affect other animals, such as dogs and cats. The symptoms are similar to the previous ones, in addition to swollen lymph nodes. In fact, this virus has been found to be especially deadly in people, affecting the nervous system to such an extent that it causes accidents or even suicide. For the sake of ourselves, our loved ones and pets, it is critical to get rid of these terrible pests.

Trichinosis. The common medium is feces and the subsequent accidental ingestion of their larvae. These will be released in the stomach, maturing in the small intestine, causing nausea, vomiting, fevers and abdominal pain; if it is not treated in a timely manner, it can invariably lead to death. It is vital to keep our places clean.

Sanitize and control humidity and temperature with dehumidifier

It is normal for many people to feel a natural affection for city mice, because they look harmless, but not discerning the great danger they carry could lead to serious health consequences. Therefore, it is best before dealing with these animals, killing them or doing fumigations, the ideal is to avoid their proliferation at all costs, especially when there are babies, young children and the elderly who are more susceptible to all kinds of diseases.

It is necessary that the home and workplace are completely clean in each of its corners, including ventilation ducts, as well as air conditioning inlets and outlets. Controlling humidity and temperature becomes an issue of utmost importance, especially in stations with predominantly humid and hot climates. This is achieved with good ventilation and high quality desiccant systems.

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