Control humidity to prevent harmful static on computer components with humidifier

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Desiccant to remove excessive moisture in computer rooms

Generally, computers and laptops of recent technology should have a long useful life, without having to take them to the technician for hardware maintenance in the process. Everything will depend on how we handle the systems and their components. The negative effects of an inadequate microclimate are magnified in gaming computers, and although these usually have a more powerful composition, due to the programs and video games they must run, that does not

Control humidity to prevent harmful static on computer components with humidifier

mean that they are immune to external factors, such as high atmospheric saturation or dryness, in which case the area in question should be controlled with humidifiers and desiccants.

It is essential to conscientiously care for and maintain all the electronic components of laptops, CPUs, tablets, among others, emphasizing monitors, keyboards, mouse, speakers, etc. Volatile internal climatic changes are real causes for eventual damage to devices. On the one hand, there is static, capable of causing sparks in electronic mechanisms, which undoubtedly makes it a very dangerous factor. On the other hand, moisture corrosion in metallic elements will deteriorate the structure of computer equipment. In that sense, atmospheric control is vital for those objects that are so valuable for personal and work life. This process is achieved with a good reading and microclimatic measurement of a room, and based on this, start the humidifier or dehumidification mechanism, as the case may be.

Corrosion of hard drives, video cards and processors due to excessive humidity and how to avoid it with desiccant

The corrosive event in electronic elements is something that arises under conditions of thermal stress, which combines high temperature and atmospheric saturation. Derived from this, undesirable condensations are formed, which affect the external casing of a CPU, and in turn, can be filtered through the small slots of a fan, affecting its operation by not cooling the computer equipment. The leaks would also occur in essential microcomponents for the performance of the gaming laptop, in which case, they will deteriorate and important information will be lost; in the

Control humidity to prevent harmful static on computer components with humidifier

worst case, short circuits would form, putting the entire environment of the room, or even the home at risk.

According to computer systems specialists, thermal conduction factors and electrical resistances, determine the performance of an entire computer for work or gamer type. If the aforementioned are affected by a bad environment, with constant humidity and temperature fluctuations, the useful life of the machine will be significantly shortened.

Humidifiers to prevent static in computer components

Static accumulation is caused by environmental dryness over a long period of time. This is a common problem for technicians in charge of the maintenance and replacement of electronic parts, in gaming computers and laptops, especially when changing video cards, sound cards, microprocessors, and more. Therefore, repair shops must have clean environments, in which temperature and humidity are predominant factors. Humidification mechanisms will manage to avoid annoying static, always taking care not to exceed atmospheric saturation levels.

High temperatures damage hard drives and gamer PCs

Computer systems for robust work, such as a gaming laptop, have very good ventilation to deal with the effort that the hard drive and cards must make. However, if such computers are in a high

Control humidity to prevent harmful static on computer components with humidifier

heat stress environment, without good air circulation, then it is possible to overload the operation of the laptop’s fans, to such an extent that breakdown is imminent.

Not for nothing, sometimes sudden automatic blackouts are triggered as a form of self-protection, leading to annoying interruptions in the progress of the video game. Humidity and temperature control is essential in any closed space, being even more relevant in data centers; these areas have to be clean and very well ventilated, and with the help of the humidifier and desiccant, the task could be made even easier.

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