Damage to health due to the presence of Alternaria mold and microbial agents

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Damage to health due to the presence of Alternaria mold and microbial agents

Control humidity and temperature with dehumidifiers to prevent diseases due to excessive humidity

The human respiratory tract is intrinsically related to the breathable environment indoors or outdoors. If the surrounding pollution starts to take its toll on our health, then it’s time to respond to it, at least from home.

Precisely, fungi and moisture microorganisms, such as Alternaria, are one of the factors for damage to the respiratory system. The quality of the air must be essential, constant and to achieve this, we must have devices that help the microclimatic balance of interiors, such as dehumidifiers to keep humidity at bay, and the same humidification systems, for thermal comfort and promote clean air; it’s all about dosing to recreate the best breathable environment.

Bathrooms can be other sources of contamination, especially in the most humid parts, where microorganisms that are essentially harmful to anyone tend to be produced. In this sense, ventilation is essential, and even more so in the work environment, knowing the influx of people in a small space. Bad environmental perception will invariably affect the health of workers and civilians in general. This leads firstly to inefficient work performance of the collaborators, noting a considerable productive drop; In addition, these toxins, microorganisms, and germs, systematically alter the quality of life.

Various health and hygiene institutes disclose information concerning various types of fungi and microbes, among them Alternaria. This microorganism belongs to the group dematiaceous, whose main characteristic will present dark colors and a filamentous image. It has grayish hairs that will darken as you go toward the center. Alternaria develops quickly and will need only 4 days or less, for its full development. There are many species, among them and perhaps the most important for humans, the Alternaria alternata.

A humid environment conducive to Alternaria and how to combat it with desiccants

They grow on food and other organic elements, but they also do very well on specific materials, such as wood and soil. Likewise, when considerable atmospheric saturation proliferates, clothing and other things made with textiles can contract all kinds of fungi. The environment in general would have to be in very high percentages and constantly, for the proliferation of organisms. It is essential to have dehumidifying systems for environmental balance.

Now, you will also have to see other equally essential factors for the growth of fungi, such as indoor temperatures, whose ranges can be more extensive, concerning atmospheric saturation. The development range of the A. alternata can be from 2°C to 33°C, which indicates its ability to survive in relatively extreme environments. Some researchers have described a pH range of 2 to 8 as indicated for its growth.

Commercial or work buildings, with a large influx of people, must take into account the appearance of such a microorganism since these structures usually have air conditioning systems, and preferred points for Alternaria, all due to condensation, the main catalyst of the microorganism in question; It is important to clean and maintain air conditioning systems. Likewise, this fungus finds its optimal growth in certain favorite times, such as in summer in the highest heat points, and in autumn entering winter.

The spores behave like a type of bioaerosol, suspended in breathable air. In this case, environment purifiers will be required, with their respective desiccants at the main points where the Alternarias are detonated.

Hygiene is the most important habit to avoid the conditions described above, especially in specific places, where the high rate of humidity is constantly proliferating, and with the help of a dehumidifier to control humidity and temperature, it will be very helpful.

Even with all this, scientists have found that some Alternaria spores, already well developed, would even withstand the sun’s rays, being dangerous for transmission to humans, where allergies will present as the main symptoms. It is essential to plan and execute the relevant guidelines to avoid this situation.

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