Dehumidifying systems to avoid or confront occupational asthma and work-exacerbated asthma: Healthy air conditioning against lung diseases

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Dehumidifying systems to avoid or confront occupational asthma and work-exacerbated asthma: Healthy air conditioning against lung diseases

Technologically advanced air conditioning mechanisms as dehumidifiers, are there to facilitate people’s quality of life, either to avoid certain diseases or at least cope with them more comfortably.

Generally, the development of an allergen history or clinical symptoms of chronic respiratory diseases is preceded by two main reasons: hereditary issues and the development of conditions due to the surrounding breathing environment. And usually, these respiratory diseases occur at work, due to inadequate conditions.

Any respectable company must have healthy air conditioning for the benefit of employees and civilians. A healthy climate depends a lot on the systems that are available, such as air purifiers, nebulizers, humidification mechanisms, ionizers, and, of course, the desiccants themselves.

Conditions such as allergic asthma and rhinoconjunctivitis are derived from certain microorganisms, as well as dirt in the environment where we work or live. A clear example is the dust mite, very common in the home. Likewise, there are pollen and humidity fungi. One bad thing about all this is that they not only harm humans but also the immune systems of animals, including pets like dogs and cats.

If the breathable work environment is vitiated, and for some reason, there is fauna in said place, rest assured that these animals could also suffer from poor oxygenation conditions.

Asthma at work: causes and consequences

Speaking of adulthood, it is necessary to know that the eventual origin of asthma at an older age may be strictly due to exposure to occupational toxic substances; This could happen to anyone, even if they have no genealogical history or childhood problems. These same conditions are capable of worsening conditions in confirmed asthmatics.

To put it in good context, occupational asthma precedes the stimulant agents found at work. This would lead to exacerbated occupational asthma, which is worsened by exposure to more specific stimuli. Generally, these conditions are due to poor working conditions in terms of perceived stale air, and exposure to certain types of pollutants.

Precisely, the industrial desiccant is the device par excellence in the prevention of contaminated air, derived from operations or air conditioning itself. Like nebulizers, they are made to capture pollutants and promote a balanced climate, healthy in every way.

In predominantly industrialized nations and cities, cases of occupational asthma can be represented from 10% to 15%. A timely diagnosis will avoid a worse prognosis for dealing with the disease, and every businessman who takes care of his employees must be fully aware of this.

When bronchial inflammation occurs that is exclusively triggered in the workplace, and not outdoors or any other situation in life, then it is surely professional or occupational asthma. In this topic, allergic conditions are derived, in which symptoms appear as soon as exposure to substances begins; It is possible that, within a medical diagnostic framework, topics such as immunological mechanisms and antibodies are relevant. On the other hand, non-allergic conditions occur, where there are no latency periods; irritating agents, it is more an issue linked to the respiratory tract.

Generally, it has been found that the frequent causes of occupational asthma are suffered by professionals who are in constant contact with paints, bread workers, rubber workers, cleaning and sanitation professionals, metal workers – welding workshops, employees who operate and store plastics, those who work in agricultural fields and livestock, wood operators, among others.

Low molecular weight substances are the real causes of asthma and other occupational respiratory diseases. Isocyanates, and acrylates, among many other compounds, make a work environment often unbearable. In that sense, the inclusion of the industrial dehumidifier is a matter of relevance, to preserve the health of workers and civilians.

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