Environmental and health recommendations for the use of the humidifier at home and office

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Environmental and health recommendations for the use of the humidifier at home and office

Environmental and health recommendations for the use of the humidifier

There are essential medical recommendations for the use of certain air conditioning devices at home. For example, assisted humidification mechanisms are used in people with difficulty breathing normally, and these help through mechanisms that connect the device with a tube and its subsequent respirator. These are specific cases, which are usually treated in specialized clinics.

As for the home humidification, there are some informative data provided by environmental protection agencies, and by those versed in the field of health, such as the most prestigious doctors in America.

A very relevant piece of advice is the type of humidifier to use; Experts recommend using the cold steam one so that there are no risks of burns with the hot steam one, which can be somewhat dangerous for the little ones in the house. In fact, today, ultrasonic humidifiers are highly recommended by specialists of all kinds, including health. This kind of technology has another way of operating compared to conventional humidification mechanisms, which involve less risk in terms of moisture accumulation in their parts, and only with small adjustments can they work as healthy as possible.

Another recommendation, especially when the purification device is placed in the baby or small children’s room, is to keep the purifier at a reasonable distance so that it does not disturb sleep; at least two meters from cots or beds is recommended. Also, it is best to anticipate the power of the system that we are going to buy, that is if it will be portable, fixed, or even a mechanism that goes intrinsically to the central air conditioning pipe.

Advice on the widespread use of domestic or industrial air conditioning

As for environmental advice on the widespread use of domestic or industrial air conditioning, there is nothing better than the purification provided by a humidifier, given the energy efficiency, it handles, much better than a conventional artificial climate. To improve this healthy environmental context, the purchase of devices that are very economical, with energy efficiency labeling and verified suppliers are encouraged.

Precisely, to receive even more substantial savings, and also that the humidification is healthy in all senses, then it is convenient to follow the operation manual to the letter, either in its use or in the maintenance that is required. For example, it is normal for dirt and even microorganisms to agglomerate in humidifying system tanks, due to poor care of the components. At the very least, there must be cleaning of these parts, so that the home or industrial humidification disperses an ultrafine and healthy mist.

Likewise, it is essential to take care of the operation of the device, trying not to have it on for a long time, because high atmospheric saturation is counterproductive for anyone, even pets at home. In this sense, air conditioning specialists recommend having a kind of sensor that allows an adequate reading of the environment of a certain place, such as high-precision hygrometers, so that the same humidification device, within its automatic function, can operate according to the microclimatic perception of a room, and provide the necessary mist, and stop vaporizing when it reaches a certain range of percentage humidity.

Likewise, a medical and environmental recommendation in the use of the humidifier is that the water is distilled from the supply, and not treated, because mineralization will be a problem, especially when it comes to mist dispersion. At least in the industry, problems have arisen because of this, since when this water is deposited, a clear symptom will be seen through white powder, giving a clear indication that the water contains many minerals that are harmful to the respiratory tract of any person, having a more serious impact on children, the elderly, and people with chronic respiratory problems.

Good humidification will always be welcome in any room, whether at home, work, or industrial environments, as long as the best systems are available, and under the supervision of health and air conditioning specialists.

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