Essential care in the bathroom to prevent dirt and mold from moisture in marble and tiles

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Essential care in the bathroom to prevent dirt and mold from moisture in marble and tiles

Use of a dehumidifier to prevent respiratory diseases in babies and young children

Cleaning areas susceptible to high saturation is important, where even maintenance work must be carried out from time to time, to avoid structural damage to them. At the very least, you have to pay close attention to your hygiene, especially when there are children who may be susceptible to mold of any kind.

There are different types of tiles for the bathroom, such as marble, ceramic, stone, glass, among others, as well as in shapes, such as tiling, with reliefs, special tones, geometric motifs, etc. Obviously, the more reliefs, it is normal for dirt and moisture fungi to agglomerate, so the inclusion of desiccant mechanisms is preponderant.

Specifically speaking of marble, it is classified as a special porous material, which is derived from limestone, such as calcium carbonate. Its elegance certainly still allows a preference as a structural and decorative element in bathrooms and other accommodations in luxury hotels, restaurants and social centers. Although they have resistance compared to other types of tiles, they are not exactly exempt from all damage, including humidity; these have to be cleaned and dried constantly.

It must be remembered that bacterial agents are a natural threat in places with high humidity, which if not taken care of, could become a source of infection, threatening the health of the whole family, especially the smallest or oldest. If we want to avoid this, in addition to keeping our marble or other types of tile in good aesthetic condition, it is necessary to know how to clean them and also place dehumidifiers nearby. You just have to know the type of cleaner to use, because tiles such as marble, being made of a special material, must be treated with care, to continue guaranteeing their waterproofing properties.

Sanitization with cleaning and drying in special tiles in bathrooms and other rooms

The necessary elements are: sponges, dry cloths, soft bristle brushes, plenty of water and a special detergent with neutral properties. Once you have that, then you only begin to gently carve the surfaces of the marble or other special tile, in all its areas, such as walls, floors and ceilings. Once you are sure that a conscientious cleaning was done, you will only proceed to dry each corner very well and, if necessary, start with the dehumidifiers or extraction systems, for a thorough drying of the facilities.

Sometimes, dirt can be very visibly marked on all types of tiles, including marble, with severe stains due to different circumstances. In this sense, it is necessary to resort to specific disinfectants for special surfaces, depending on what it is; generally, the use of abrasives or other chemicals that represent a danger to these surfaces, such as acids, among others, is not recommended. The key to any special sanitizer is the correct dissolution in water, and never apply such chemical products directly, because it could irreversibly damage the aesthetics of the marble or other special decorative elements. In case there are cigarette stains, it is best to use distilled water to remove them.

Another key is to try to keep these surfaces free from moisture, either by drops of water or condensation that forms there. Therefore, desiccant systems are the best option for these cases; after all, it is also about avoiding moisture fungi and spores harmful to humans. Let’s remember that it is essential to worry about these places, with a culture of hygiene, for the good of our loved ones.

Industrial or home dehumidifiers are the best solution to maintain a balanced environment in all aspects, and are part of air conditioning anywhere in the world. You just have to choose the best systems, with high-quality manufacturers.

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