Extend the functional life of the home or industrial water heater with all its internal and external components

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Extend the functional life of the home or industrial water heater

Generally, energy and monetary losses are due to poor maintenance of the boiler, and this is seen at a residential, commercial, and industrial level. Those in charge of maintenance or owners of a boiler installation must carry out a periodical, to keep a heating network in optimal conditions. Sometimes it will be necessary to involve the agents in the installation and modification of the system, who, together with the owners or managers, will be obliged to take timely measures for corrections and repairs, according to the reports and detailed listings of the installation, circuits and other components.

Each industrial water heater manufacturer has a unique design, with its characteristics and specific processes, adaptable to each heating installation, depending on the nature of the latter’s work. These designs influence the useful life of the industrial or domestic boiler, where energy efficiency also plays an essential role.

Even one of the aspects strongly linked to the design of each manufacturer is how the thermal oil behaves with the heating system. In that sense, this thermal fluid always has to be in optimal working conditions for the correct heat transfers; oil studies should be performed periodically. In this way, it will be known with certainty if a change of thermal fluid is required in the entire circuit of the industrial or commercial heating system, ensuring that the used oil is collected by a company dedicated to the ecological reuse of fluids.

There are additions indicative of warnings or alarms

Which, through the control commands, must be attended to. Some workers may not be familiar with these signs, due to the manufacturer’s special design, and most commonly ignore them, which is a gross error; it is always best to ask the person in charge of the control panel or, failing that, the manufacturer itself.

The key to the proper functioning of the home or industrial water heater is preventive maintenance, with its respective analyzes and annual studies of the entire system with its circuit. These components must show consistency in combustion, smoke control, temperatures, pressures, and the thermal conditions that permeate the environment to the same installation, where the employees will have to be as comfortable as possible.

Likewise, within the same analyses, it is best to ensure the good condition of the thermal insulation in the system, corroborating the proper functioning of the thermal oil. On the other hand, it is necessary to constantly check the heat transfer liquid and verify if there are no leaks, to guarantee the proper functioning of the pump and the service flow rates.

Likewise, cleaning is extremely relevant, since the accumulation of soot and other dirt inside the water heater is a reality. In this sense, it is necessary to check the ducts and smoke evacuating grilles. The ventilation of the installation is just as important so that the thermal conditions are the best for the operation of the network and the safety of people.

Thermal fluid samples serve to better plan preventive maintenance. It is done through a sampling device, either in the flow direction of the line or circuit or in the return of the fluids. Thus, through the temperature, the level of accessibility, security, and adequate extraction points will be known.

Generally, sampling is done somewhat manually, with the disassembly of instruments, and then the valves are used to extract samples. However, it can be something dangerous for the workers and the incorrect installation of the boiler. For this reason, perhaps the best thing is to resort to other alternatives, which are so efficient and safe, that not even the installation needs stoppages in its processes.

The best thing will always be for the installation of a commercial or industrial water heater, even at home, to be planned and executed by professionals in the field of domestic hot water, to avoid future problems in the operation of the system.

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