Harmful effects of lead poisoning on the health of children and adults: Dehumidifier uses and humidification mechanisms to purify the air at home and family recreation areas

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Harmful effects of lead poisoning on the health of children and adults

Dehumidifier uses and humidification mechanisms to purify the air

Government entities such as Unicef ​​are aware of timely medical information regarding children. One of the most lurid issues is the possibility that infants suffer from lead poisoning, and therefore, irreparable damage to their brain and nervous system in general. What are authorities doing around the world, how much effort are they making to avoid this type of deadly exposure in babies and young children?

Lead poisoning and dehumidification
Lead poisoning and dehumidification

In some countries, it is not uncommon to continue finding objects with such material, even in small quantities. Those amounts would be more than enough to permanently damage the brain of infants under 5 years of age. Remember that at an early age, neurological-cognitive development is essential; if young children are exposed to lead, their brains will not fully develop.

It is essential that in the home and family recreation areas, there are very high standards of environmental purification, with adequate ventilation, air conditioning systems, humidification, ionizers and industrial or home dehumidifiers, obviously in addition to constant sanitization.

Unfortunately, there are very old structures, with paint made from the deadly metal, and when very young infants are constantly exposed to these parts, they can suffer irreversible physical consequences. In fact, research regarding lead, when there is a blood poisoning at the rate of 5 micrograms per deciliters or more, there is very likely a three to five point loss of IQ. Now you have to imagine exaggerated amounts of the poison in the bloodstream.

The damage of lead in childhood can be extrapolated even more according to the psychological analysis of people, who have committed some kind of crime in a later stage of their lives. Specialists, each with their point of view, have found an important link between metal poisoning and a certain criminal, from a very young age. Could it be that lead damage is so negative that it affects the psychosocial behavior of a person in adulthood? More studies may be required to determine that definitively.

Dehumidifier uses and humidification mechanisms to purify the air
Dehumidifier uses and humidification mechanisms to purify the air

Likewise, adults can suffer the negative effects of lead poisoning, with serious consequences such as high blood pressure and considerable kidney damage; it is at least what the WHO says. It is essential that everywhere, measurements are made of the levels of contamination that permeate in specific areas, where there may be a vulnerable population such as young children and people with COPD. For this reason, it is also essential that there are ventilation elements that help with environmental purification, with the help of dehumidifiers, humidifying systems, purifying nebulizers, among other mechanisms. Natural ventilation is, of course, essential in all respects, and in that regard, a likely sign of sick building syndrome should be avoided.

Harmful Essence of Lead in Children’s Blood

According to several studies on the effects of metal on the human body in children, it is that lead has chemical properties similar to

Air purification in the home and family recreation areas

calcium, which is why the body of the little ones assimilates it as such, thus leading to a “usurpation” of the lead in the bloodstream. This prevents the brain synapse between nerve terminals from happening naturally, calcium being a kind of link; this will invariably lead to brain shrinkage. It is at least what Dr. Howard Mielke explains to the media.

This is serious even before the child is born, since if for some reason the mother has been chronically exposed to lead, then the calcium that she must provide to the fetus will be replaced by lead. The baby would be born with this problem from the same mother’s womb.

Therefore, it is vital that places frequented by families with babies and young children have healthy air conditioning and impeccable cleaning. Industrial or home foggers and dehumidifiers could help mitigate environmental pollution in a certain place.

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