Home hydroponics installation for growing strawberries and other red fruits with the assistance of the humidifier

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Home hydroponics installation for growing strawberries and other red fruits with the assistance of the humidifier

It is a great opportunity to have your gardens in the comfort of your home and even at work, to dispense a bit with supermarket products, where GMOs tend to be the protagonists of fruits and vegetables that are increasingly questionable for human consumption. It doesn’t hurt to be prepared for tough times, and home growing through hydroponics can be a great solution, both in the present, as well as in the legacy for future generations.

Through hydroponics, the cultivation of vegetables and fruits is done utilizing nutritious substrates, avoiding traditional agricultural methods. The process that is being talked about has many benefits, especially when it comes to small spaces, such as apartments and small areas in general. Another advantage is that experts have found that, through hydroponics, fruits and vegetables seem to have optimal growth, even more than conventional crops.

It will also have to say, the preponderant factors necessary for proper cultivation at home, regardless of the method to be used, such as lighting, temperature control, substrates, containers, and, above all, humidity management, which goes hand in hand with use. of fixed or portable humidifiers. Likewise, it will be important to have certain instruments that facilitate the task of plant growth, including thermometers, and hygrometers, among others.

Cultivation of strawberries and red fruits

The strawberry is a delicious and nutritious fruit, and as such, it must go through certain processes to produce the juiciest and most colorful fruits. Perhaps, one issue is its ramifications, which can become important, so it will be important to establish a more or less considerable vertical space so that production is guaranteed in all aspects.

Hydroponics would mean the full use of nutrients through the substrates. And if a recirculation system is added, then the use of resources would be even better. Generally, strawberries and other red fruits are grown in the spring seasons to get better nutrient conditions from substrates; later, they will flower for harvest in the autumn months.

For the good development of such fruits, it is necessary to ensure an average temperature of 20°C, not more! In essence, it is trying not to promote sudden thermal changes around the strawberry crop. Therefore, an adequate temperature range must be maintained, and that is what thermometers and humidity meters are for, to optimally operate humidifiers, fans, and natural or artificial lighting, among other things.

The step-by-step cultivation and harvest of strawberries and red fruits

  • Firstly, it is to acquire the special nutritional mixture for the plant, specifically, of said red fruit.
  • Subsequently, the container will have to be used, plastic being the best material of choice, with a capacity of 20 liters, with proper holes to drain excess water during irrigation.
  • The container must be filled with a mineral substance called vermiculite, filling it only up to two-thirds of the container.
  • The hydroponic structure of the strawberry and red berries will require pots with a maximum temperature of 21°C and a minimum of 14°C, where lighting is also essential, either with sunlight or with a special light for home crops.
  • Afterwards, you will have to fill the container with cold water. The strawberry plant must remove the soil and then submerge it for at least ten minutes. Then it is removed and rinsed, cleaning it very well from traces of dirt, taking good care of the roots without hurting them.
  • Then comes the placement of the red fruit plant. With great care it is located holding it from above, to make sure that they get well into the container, next to the vermiculite.
  • There may be some free roots, so you can add more vermiculite to cover them, but take care not to cover the plant so that ventilation and lighting pass without problems. To strengthen the plant, it is advisable to put plastic in the lower part.
  • The hydroponic nutritive mixture is poured, following the instructions, monitoring water levels, with atmospheric control around the strawberry and red fruits, having the humidifier as a fundamental pillar in the said task.

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