Homemade tips to alleviate or lessen symptoms of laryngitis Humidifiers and indoor temperature control

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Homemade tips to alleviate or lessen symptoms of laryngitis Humidifiers and indoor temperature control

Humidifiers and indoor temperature control

When winter seasons approach, that will inherently mean having to cope with more extreme climates, and although we are sheltered in the comfort of home, that may not be enough for the freezing onslaught and its subsequent health risks.

It is vital to keep warm and that our home and workplace have good air conditioning through heating and the use of humidifiers, to balance the

Avoid laryngitis humidifier
Avoid laryngitis humidifier

atmosphere. After all, in those times, it is normal for an environmental dryness to occur, which further damages our mucous membranes, natural protectors against possible viruses such as influenza or COVID-19 itself.

Perhaps the main key is the control of temperature and humidity in a closed room, and by that we mean avoiding any extreme, because cold at very low temperatures is just as damaging as heat at very high degrees Fahrenheit.

Laryngitis is a highly contagious disease, consisting of inflammation of the larynx and vocal cords; a very recurrent disease in cold times. The airways are compromised by laryngitis, which can be acute or chronic in intensity. Those who most often suffer from it are people who are very sensitive to climate change, children and the elderly.

It has been proven that the humidifier, in addition to providing the atmospheric saturation necessary for adequate control of temperature and humidity indoors, is also extremely useful for maintaining healthy mucous membranes, which are the first filter to prevent the passage of viruses into our respiratory system.

Avoid laryngitis with humidifier in house
Avoid laryngitis with humidifier in house

That is the importance of installing a healthy environmental humidification system, in critical points of a house or apartment. In general, experts recommend that they be located in rooms for small children and babies, so that at the time of their nap or night sleep, they can breathe adequately, in case of dryness indexes, very normal in winter, due to the weather conditions outside and the use of heating.

The power of the heaters must be dosed, so that they do not cause excessive heat with dryness, which becomes more harmful than beneficial; it is not necessary to give the possibility of a cold in the minor, so that it later evolves into laryngitis or something worse, such as croup or epiglottis, which are usually more deadly for children.

Likewise, the grandparents’ room must have these devices, because it is easier for these people to persist a feeling of dryness, which is not only annoying, but even dangerous in the event of a possible virus.

Tips for treating laryngitis

Well, firstly, it is exhorted that in the event of respiratory symptoms that appear, go to the doctor immediately, for diagnosis and timely treatment. If symptoms are mild, taking a throat break is most likely.

There are some home tips that would be useful, but it is important to know and reiterate that before doing so, you have to ask a trusted doctor.

Avoid laryngitis with humidifier in the house
Avoid laryngitis with humidifier in the house

Perhaps baking soda and herbal teas can be helpful, by ingestion or gargle for relief of vocal cords and larynx. Honey with lemon could also be a good option.

Some relief may be found when a warm, damp washcloth is applied to the entire neck for at least ten minutes three times a day; at least the pain sensation could be lessened.

Moistening the environment of a living room, bedrooms and other areas, could be an effective solution to the dryness caused by a very powerful heating. In that sense, the humidifier is the mechanism par excellence. It is essential to try to balance the microclimatic levels of a home or office, especially in very

Avoid laryngitis with humidifier

extreme weather seasons.

Some people have expressed that eucalyptus is an effective remedy for laryngitis. You just have to boil its leaves until you notice its exquisite aroma. That same steam generated is breathed in but gently, without completely invading the nostrils.

It is reiterated that in some of the previous advice and others that are read on the web, you must first talk about them with a specialist; first of all, there is the timely medical diagnosis, for the good of our loved ones.

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