How to use a dehumidifier to remove toxic black and pink mold in children’s bathrooms and toys

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How to use a dehumidifier to remove toxic black and pink mold in children's bathrooms and toys

One of the biggest problems that one can face as a parent, is to take care at all times that babies and children are not in contact with contaminated surfaces, which are sometimes undetectable to the human eye, and are

Remove mold with dehumidifier in bathroom
Remove mold with dehumidifier in bathroom

usually in much hidden recesses. We are talking about mold and all its types, such as the toxic black and pink fungus, to mention the most common examples.

Condensation, if not controlled with proper dehumidification, will invariably lead to the formation of harmful microorganisms for all human beings, affecting more those with respiratory sensitivity, such as older adults, asthmatics and, of course, younger children.

Toxic black mold tends to adhere very well to gypsum structures and in the gaps between gaps in mosaic tiles and similar coatings. But in addition, plastic and fabric are ideal surfaces for the formation of moisture fungi. This obviously represents a real danger for children who are constantly in contact with dolls, carts, rubber ducks, and whatever toys can be bought for them. It is important as a parent to have an awareness of this problem, so that the infant does not develop an important disease.

The key is to control the levels of atmospheric saturation in every corner of the home, and more in focal points that are dangerous for the formation of spores. In that sense, natural ventilation, the use of fans and mechanical extraction, is essential in every way.

In addition, the dehumidifier is the quintessential device that helps balance atmospheric conditions. Therefore, it is best to install these devices in the vicinity where condensation could form, as well as in the

Remove mold with dehumidifier in bathroom
Remove mold with dehumidifier in bathroom


How to remove and avoid toxic black mold with a dehumidifier

The consequences or effects of being continuously exposed to this kind of fungus will lead to asthma and chronic respiratory disorders, to serious lung diseases and even cancer. This is due to the release of dangerous mycotoxins into the environment. Generally, people who live in highly polluted and unhygienic homes are more likely to develop mold poisoning.

With systematic exposure, there are chances of aches, mood swings, headaches, momentary memory loss, and nosebleeds to develop. This poses a more latent danger for people who are very sensitive to their airways. These symptoms are very rare to appear, since there are no reliable records, but only the general opinion of those who have been exposed to this type of mold.

Symptoms that have been reported in patients with severe exposure are:

  • Allergies and irritations in mucous membranes, eyes and skin.
  • Fungal infection in people with genetically weak or immunosuppressant immune systems.
  • Feeding toxicity, but no aspiration.
Remove mold with dehumidifier in wall
Remove mold with dehumidifier in wall

However, it is essential to have desiccant systems for eradication or better yet, to avoid the presence of these harmful microorganisms, with cleanliness and good ventilation, for the protection of sensitive children.

How to remove and avoid pink mold with a dehumidifier

It is a fungus commonly found in bathtubs, which usually appear with pink, orange or even red tones. Precisely this kind of bacteria is spread by water and humidity in general, capable of colonizing a large part of the surface in a bath with constant condensation.

Hot and humid environments are their favorite, so a dehumidifier is the best to prevent their growth. Also, the poor hygiene of the place is a catalyst for pink mold, so cleanliness is essential. If this is not controlled, it will be a problem in a certain period of time, being the most affected those who are more sensitive and with a weakened immune system, such as babies, young children, older adults and even pets.

A good way to clean this fungus is with a brush, detergent, and baking soda. You just have to be careful in the cleaning process, with protective equipment so that there is no risk of infection. Subsequently, ventilation and dehumidification will be the best allies to prevent its subsequent appearance.

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