Humidification and control of atmospheric saturation for the best thermal comfort of a house in the desert

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Humidification and control of atmospheric saturation for the best thermal comfort of a house in the desert

Usefulness of the humidifier to live comfortably in desert environments

Desert states, with hot and dry climates, such as Arizona, Nevada, California, New Mexico, Texas, among others, tend to have very extreme conditions, which is obvious. What many of the people may not know is that these natural climatic conditions can be reduced in the house itself, so that the spaces do not have to suffer from excessive dryness and hot temperatures.

Humidifier for desert home
Humidifier for desert home

The home will not only need fresh ventilation, such as that provided by a Mini Split Inverter, or any air conditioning system, but it is also necessary to have another type of technology, which achieves a more adequate thermal comfort, like humidifiers. In fact, these mechanisms, sometimes by themselves, are more than enough to balance the environmental microclimatic levels of a house or apartment, without the need for other devices alike fans and air conditioning. Depending on the model, the humidification devices achieve their objective.

In addition, it is recommended that the structure of the homes or building with offices, have good plumbing and pipes, so that they do not present long-term damage, due to the inherent conditions of desert climates. In addition, coatings, insulating elements, and any material with plaster or wood, have to be of good quality, and take care of them constantly, so that the dryness does not cause a dent in their composition.

In the process of arranging natural inlets and outlets for fresh air circulation, as well as in the planning for the location of the air conditioning systems, it would be a good idea to take into account the useful and versatile ultrasonic humidifier, for its installation in the most essential for a dwelling in the desert, for the family to obtain maximum thermal comfort.

In addition, when thinking or planning to put home gardens, hydroponics could be a very good option, with the help of humidifiers, you can grow the fruits and vegetables you want. Or if you have a large space, then build your own greenhouse, with risk systems and humidification sprayers.

Now, to fully air-condition, it is preponderant to think about the air flows that will circulate through an establishment, and thus reduce the lack of humidity and high desert temperatures. In that sense, the best thing is that the main windows, as well as the openings for ventilation, are located in the north and south of the house or building. In this way, you can take advantage of the cool night air in the deserts, so that air purification is also promoted. Likewise, the windows and doors that are oriented in the east and west, could have canvas or awning covers, to avoid the intense solar rays, or failing that, an insulator to block uv rays; In these entrances and windows, putting a hygrometer and its respective humidification mechanism could be a great idea. Adding, on the floor, with making open strokes, the air circulation will be more optimal for each space in the home.

In the walls, it is recommended that their constitution be of good thickness, because in this way, it will be

Humidifier in desert home

possible to have an ideal atmospheric control, with temperature dosing and humidification, according to the climatological parameters that are outdoors. Air conditioning, ventilation, and humidifiers will undoubtedly do a better job.

Take advantage of the vegetation. It is normal that in desert areas, the absence of trees and other natural elements is normal. Therefore, if there is some type of vegetation in the home or on the land, then for no reason should they be sacrificed, for the design of a home or building. We must take care of each tree on this planet and more in the deserts, to take advantage of their shade, and of course, the natural oxygen that these gifts of nature provide.

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