Humidity and temperature control to protect computer equipment with a dehumidifier

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Control atmospheric saturation in rooms with electronic systems

Desktop computers, laptops, tablets and whatever electronic equipment we possess, have components that are susceptible to certain thermal and hygrometric conditions. An area with a bad climate will not only affect the human, but also the valuable objects that are part of work life and entertainment.

Humidity and temperature control to protect computer equipment with a dehumidifier

Just as software requires maintenance and updates, hardware requires regular cleaning; which extends the useful life of any electronic product. Likewise, hygiene must permeate around the goods we have. Definitely, the internal atmospheric condition of a room is relevant for the care of computational components. In this sense, it is recommended to balance humidity and temperature, with good ventilation and the use of desiccants or their counterpart, humidifiers.

The weather is just one of the most basic factors in the proper maintenance of computers and cell phones. Depending on the use of the equipment, it should have good fans, such as gaming computers, which usually operate under significant thermal stress; This type of ventilation for the systems would seem to be sufficient, but many are unaware of the possible damage that any computer equipment can receive in poorly ventilated rooms with low or excessive atmospheric saturation.

Environmental dryness

An environmental dryness invariably leads to the generation of static, resented by all kinds of electrical elements. Condensation or high humidity leads to the proliferation of microorganisms, and these can also attract insects and even, other types of dirt.

Humidity and temperature control to protect computer equipment with a dehumidifier

Measurement devices, such as hygrometers and thermometers, will always be necessary in computational areas, in order to determine the installation of dehumidifying system or humidification mechanisms, as the case may be.

Basic tips for the care of computers and laptops

In the case of desktop computers, the monitor is usually the part most susceptible to dirt, and can even be the favorite point for the proliferation of small insects, due to the heat emanating from it. It is best to be careful not to have liquids nearby, due to the obvious damage it would do in the event of a spill. Likewise, when cleaning it with special liquids, such as isopropyl alcohol, ideal for these devices because they do not erode its surface; however, before cleaning, the device must be turned off, so as not to cause any damage or even an accident. If there is some humidity in the specific area where the monitor is located, it’s best to move the equipment to another location or, failing

Humidity and temperature control to protect computer equipment with a dehumidifier

that, install a dehumidifier nearby.

In the keyboard it’s the same story, because if dirt or moisture accumulates in it, then the deterioration of the membrane will be significant, to the point of having to change the entire keyboard, implying a cost of money. For this reason, it will be essential to give it its pertinent maintenance, using compressed air and other subtle techniques.

Speakers are often a problem, especially when they are already integrated into the entire case of a computer. The grids, being so narrow, allow a stagnation of dirt. Humidity is another factor to consider, as the sound components are sensitive to condensation due to atmospheric changes. It will be necessary to use the humidity meter, to observe if the valuables are not in danger, and to know if it is best to use the dehumidifier.

Processors and hard drives. Now with the solid-state drive in laptops, there’s not as much of a problem for eventual breakdown as there was before, due to the movement and hustle and bustle involved. However, the other components remain susceptible. If any condensation is observed in the room, however small it may be, the humidity and temperature must be controlled, with desiccants to reduce saturation, and humidifiers to avoid static, which is equally harmful for electronic elements.

The mouse is a very important component, especially for people dedicated to video game streaming. Therefore, the mouse must be cared for and maintained for its long useful life, using special products and temperature and humidity control in the room.

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