Humidity control in onion storage: Dehumidifiers for optimal conservation of agricultural products

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Humidity control in onion storage: Dehumidifiers for optimal conservation of agricultural products

Dehumidifiers for optimal conservation of agricultural products

The decreases and losses of agricultural products occur as a measure of atmospheric management. The more inadequate the environmental conditions, the waste will be to a greater extent. Thus, every year in the United States, tons and millions of dollars of agricultural food are lost.

The relative humidity is difficult to maintain in environments where there are significant fluctuations in humidity and temperature. These variations can lead to a considerable loss of product in every way, especially in foods that are very prone to morphological changes in their structure, even the imposing onions.

According to experts, during the storage of this vegetable, the relative humidity should be between 65% and 75%.

However, these parameters can change, depending on the type or quality of the onion, according to the land where it is grown or the thermal conditions of the region.

Harvesting is usually through mechanisms, which must be done while the vegetable is in the dry season, and thus, there is healing in its affected parts. Generally, after harvesting, it is where it is destined for storage, which must be controlled in terms of humidity and temperature, while they are stored for a week or a little longer. This is to help its roots dry properly, just like the plant itself. In this sense, the inclusion of industrial dehumidifiers should have priority.

It is natural that in the stored after harvest, drying is the primary thing, so temperatures of 35 degrees Celsius are recommended, for a period of five to fourteen days.

In some places, even these conditions can change after harvesting, because it has been found that for onions that are ready for consumption, the storage temperature must be 0°C, with an atmospheric saturation of 60% to 70%, where even conservation could last up to months. But the most important thing about all this is that the skin of the onion remains dry, without excessive traces of humidity in the warehouse or the cold rooms themselves. It is necessary to include industrial desiccants that are perfectly adapted to storage areas, specially configured for the conservation of onions.

Unfortunately, moisture factors are often overlooked in these types of industries, leading to crop losses and entire batches.

We must remember that both temperature and humidity are fundamental factors in the conservation of this and other vegetables. Also, remember that the range of 65% and 75% is predominant for good storage.

Installing a good industrial or portable dehumidifier in canning rooms for onions will prevent them from changing or deteriorating their natural morphology. If there is uncontrolled humidity, the onion could develop mold on its surface, which, worsening, will go through all the layers it, with a rot that permeates the others.

Industrial desiccants are not only there to improve the preservation of fruits and vegetables, but also to dimension the harvesting and storage processes, which will invariably reflect the quality of the final product.

Many companies are already discerning the importance of storing onions and other vegetables with controlled humidity, either in refrigerated chambers or in warehouses, but some are still reluctant, seeming not to care about the loss of bulk products.

The importance of industrial desiccants in the food sector also permeates the grape industry, which must have balanced thermal and atmospheric saturation parameters for proper maturation and seasoning.

Not to mention the dairy industry, especially in the cheese area, where conditions must be ideal in every way, for a fresher and more consumable product. The same meat sector, with sausages that must be stored with all the advantages provided for optimal consumption.

You just have to make sure that the drying mechanisms can be located and adapted very well in the onion storage cells, so portable mechanisms are ideal in that regard. Find out from specialists in the field.

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