Installation and maintenance of a water heater to save money

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Installation and maintenance of a water heater to save money

Perhaps one of the most difficult things is to save hot water, especially in winter seasons, taking into account all the activities that require water at a comfortable temperature. A good boiler must provide basic needs that range from showers, to cleaning the home and even washing clothes, which, in some cases, many garments need hot water for proper disinfection of the fabrics.

Perhaps the efficiency and functionality of a water heater are based on the capacities and peculiar or particular modes of operation for each type of installation. A step boiler for an apartment will not be the same as a more robust boiler for a residence that houses 5 to 10 people.

To perceive money and energy savings, less conventional technologies must be currently adopted, such as hybrid systems, whose functionality goes beyond satisfying the basic needs of hot water.

In addition, it will be essential to install the boiler properly, not only so that it works correctly throughout its useful life, but also to facilitate maintenance work on the system itself, either to do it yourself or when the specialist has to give the corresponding check-up, without any risks for him.

Also, it is recommended to start adopting solar boilers and similar technologies, in case it has not been done yet. These, combined with a fast-recovery water heater, would be the perfect combo for hot water, but at the same time, with optimal energy performance to save money on electricity and gas bills.

Calculating usage habits and the number of services for hot water will help a lot to make any boiler that is available more efficient. In this section, it will be essential to think about the best way to place the heating device, for the best supply to all the water outlets.

Perhaps the step water heating device is more recommended for those people who require hot water constantly. The only question is to check very well the number of people who will be using the services. On the other hand, there are storage devices, which are very useful for users who need hot water at specific times throughout the day, and at the same time, they will serve to measure and dose hot water consumption.

The installation of auxiliary pumps to bring adequate water pressure to each outlet is essential for any water heating installation. These are recommended for devices that are a bit far from the main showers and sinks.

Make a correct installation

As mentioned, energy efficiency will come hand in hand with a correct installation, and in general, efficiency will be ensured the closer the boiler is to the services. This invariably forces the technicians to a safe installation, with the pertinent measures so that there are no immediate problems in the more distant future. Generally, the installation of a gas or electric water heater must be done outdoors, for everyone’s safety.

Regarding the type of maintenance, the storage heating mechanisms are the ones that require more care than others, whose status reviews have to be done every 6 months, at least. This type of heater requires revision of valves, and draining of deposits, among other aspects. These actions can be executed by oneself because it only involves closing the water and energy flow and then pulling the adjacent lever to release the water vapor. In case there are complications, then it is best to go to a specialist on the subject, in which case, a valve change may also be needed.

Pass-through water heaters require less maintenance, but at the time of their review, it must be done by a specialist, because they may require specific actions, such as cleaning ducts, among other aspects; maintenance should be at least once a year.

Possibly some current solar boilers do not need as much maintenance, but they do need constant cleaning if you want to perceive a performance close to 100% every day of the year.


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