Key points for energy saving in air conditioning, heating and dehumidifier with humidity control

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Key points for energy saving in air conditioning, heating and dehumidifier with humidity control

Heating and dehumidifier with humidity control

The distribution of work and industrial areas is an important issue in architectural design. Now more than ever, buildings should make the most of the natural climate that permeates a specific environment, and thus not depend so much on the mechanisms that create an artificial climate. For example, for a humidity control, it is not necessary to run fans or heaters, because in fact they could worsen the microclimate as such. Therefore,

it would be best to install and operate dehumidifiers and humidification systems, to improve thermal comfort, and in the process, save electrical energy.

Use of thermostat and hygrometers for humidity and temperature control to save energy

Without a thermostat in an air conditioning system, it is practically to regulate the temperature blindly, since these components help to regulate the energy consumption of a business. It has been proven that the effective use of the thermostat in hot months guarantees savings of up to 8%, and that only with the operation of this important device. If we add to that the use of alternative appliances with good energy efficiency, then the savings are further maximized. In that sense, experts say that the ideal temperature is 26 °C, so it is essential to manage that range as much as possible.

Comfortable thermal sensation with good wardrobe in employees

Flexibility in terms of employee clothing has to be more flexible, especially taking into account the thermal comfort they perceive, because it is possible that some uniforms are not suitable for certain areas, causing discomfort in many of the workers. This has a lot to do with the temperature and humidity that is perceived in a specific place, which further causes a quite perceptible annoyance, significantly influencing labor productivity and even the use of electricity. Perhaps more flexibility is needed in terms of clothing to wear, on certain days, depending on weather conditions and even as a recreational concept. In office work, it is not about radically changing a way of dressing, but simply about being more understanding in which a worker can perform their tasks better.

Night air to increase the good thermal sensation through humidification

Temperatures during the afternoons may be almost unbearable for workers in a certain area, however those thermal conditions could be minimized through certain habits. For example, ventilating the areas throughout an industrial warehouse or an office complex could be beneficial for natural air conditioning, so as not to depend too much on air conditioning or heating. In fact, it is possible that through these actions, humidity and temperature control is easier, especially when using humidifiers or nebulizers.

Humidity and temperature control by managing natural lighting

This is a way to take advantage of the benefits of the sun, so as not to use too much artificial light. The sun’s rays not only provide illumination, but could determine the temperature of a site. It is just a matter of choosing good glass, depending on the orientation of the building, to get the most out of nature. It is not necessary that the humidifier or desiccant be used all the time, if we can acclimate the workplace naturally. The more hermetic a building is, the risk of generating a diseased settlement runs.

Periodic review of systems for air conditioning and thermal insulation of industrial warehouses and buildings

Both the air conditioning and other air conditioning systems must be constantly checked and maintained. Mini Split Inverter, humidifiers, desiccants, fans, extractors, among others, over time they collect dirt and dust, so changing their filters is essential; if they are used without the maintenance they require, the situation will be worse when they are put into operation, causing illnesses in workers who are around such devices.

The same goes for the insulation of doors and windows, because these are essential to maintain heat and humidity, or dissipate them, depending on the weather conditions and thus, generate energy savings.

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