Misting systems for industrialized areas and humidifying mechanisms in commercial and residential areas

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Misting systems for industrialized areas and humidifying mechanisms in commercial and residential areas

The different offers in the air conditioning market allow flexibility when acquiring the best systems, based on what is most convenient for each structure, according to its dimensions, construction materials, and even the nature of the indoor and outdoor activities. surrounding areas. So, conventional air conditioning is not necessarily essential.

Energy efficiency is closely linked to thermal comfort, within any building, large or small. Normally, to cool and purify a very large space, such as an industrial warehouse, it is necessary to use the industrial nebulizer, so that it can reach all the rooms of a complex as such. In the case of homes and smaller commercial establishments, the inclusion of humidifiers is essential to perceive the same effects. In that sense, indoor parameters must be considered at all times, especially when it comes to people’s health.

Thermal and humid balance

A thermal and humid balance will guarantee ideal breathing, both in the respiratory tract and in the largest organ of the human body, the skin. Measuring the level of vaporization within a confined space will make us realize the high atmospheric saturation and temperature conditions, before having to enter a state of sweating that makes us lose basic hydration levels in our body. Even heat stroke can occur in closed spaces if temperature, ventilation, and humidification are not taken into account.

What can help us is to have hygrometers and thermometers to measure the conditions, and, consequently, manage the air conditioning as best suits us. In hot times, the relative humidity should be between 45% and 60%, with a thermal fluctuation that does not exceed 25 degrees Celsius, nor go below 23 degrees Celsius. This is where the importance of having a good humidifier for your home or workplace comes in.

When spending much of the day indoors, alternating between the workplace and home, it is natural that one of the priorities is to achieve the optimal level of comfort within any space. The humidity, temperature, and atmospheric pressure parameters must be shown balanced, with their corresponding measurements. For this reason, environmental and safety organizations will always be emphatic in achieving pure air, where humidity and the work of the nebulizer and desiccant play a fundamental role.

The maximum percentage of humidity is 60%, no more, to avoid condensation that leads to the proliferation of mold and other microorganisms, which are their only spores, are capable of promoting and aggravating allergies and other respiratory conditions in patients with these diseases.

To repeat, hygrometers are high-precision digitalized devices, some evolved to fit in your pocket to carry everywhere, and ensure the thermal balance given primarily by adequate humidity. Every environment has to be in perfect condition, whether to improve working conditions or for healthy coexistence at home.

Buying an excellent nebulizer or humidifier and at the same time, a very good hygrometer that allows the exact measurement of atmospheric saturation with everything and dew point, and even with date and recording times, will be able to provide properly stored information records, for the monitoring what is systematically happening in an environment. This will help us install the best air conditioning, taking full advantage of the energy efficiency that each device can offer us.

Now, intelligent air conditioning systems, along with the benefits of the humidifier or nebulizer, create a healthy and comfortable environment in every room of the home, as well as in every area of an industrial or commercial warehouse. Furthermore, these systems, due to their intelligence, allow unparalleled energy savings, because it is not only about blowing air through fans, or just providing heating, but rather taking advantage of each air conditioning element of a complex, with the extraction of humidity, and use of special filters to eliminate contaminants that accumulate throughout the day.

As for the calculations on ventilation flows, as well as the circulation of pure air from outside, and the elimination of stale oxygen indoors, they can be planned by professionals in the field of HVAC.

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