Practical tips for saving energy in the use of air conditioning through humidifiers and humidity control

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Practical tips for saving energy in the use of air conditioning through humidifiers and humidity control

Practical tips for saving energy

The excessive use of air conditioning devices stems from the climates in certain seasons of the year. For this reason, it is normal for high peaks in the expenditure of energy and money to arise when certain mechanisms are put to work, such as air conditioning and the humidification systems themselves. How can these operating expenses be saved for any business or industrial organization?

Simple habits could be an option for this. Perhaps decorating with greenery and purifying plants, which also gives an impression of a green company, is an excellent idea. Also adopt more environmentally friendly systems, to take advantage of natural ventilation. Use of alternative mechanisms in an air conditioner, such as desiccants, ionizers or nebulizers. There are a lot of options.

Alternating use of air conditioning, humidifier and purifiers for efficient humidity and temperature control

The moment an uncomfortable wind chill is felt for workers, normal stress will invariably follow, beginning to take a toll on job performance in any work environment. Then, the mini Split, fans or heating is turned on for most of the day, expending a lot of electricity. Furthermore, the use of these conventional systems does not guarantee good thermal comfort, where even if these systems are in poor condition, they can worsen the microclimate of a work building.

In most cases, good thermal comfort is achieved with humidity and temperature control, with the use of humidifiers or desiccants, to level the microclimatic conditions of an industrial building. To have that control, you must also take advantage of the outside climate, so that its natural benefits permeate an entire structure, especially when it comes to receiving and perceiving fresh and pure air.

For example, in semi-desert regions, the refreshing air in the morning can be used as a catalyst for an entire structure, at least during the first hours of the day until the sun reaches its zenith. This would require special mechanisms to take advantage of this climate, coupled with a good installation of humidifiers and even nebulizers.

The important thing is that pure air circulates in all areas of an industrial warehouse or large office complex for good oxygenation indoors. In case of winter seasons, then it is best to take advantage of the heat of the sun to warm the internal areas.

Work at home

This is a modality that is increasingly used by companies, even before a pandemic such as COVID broke out. Many companies have been forced to go to the home office, and from that, several have seen an unbeatable opportunity to save a few dollars in variable expenses in their businesses, allowing the employee to work from home. Regarding energy costs during working hours, it would be necessary to resort to a system or solution to discount the costs of air conditioning at home.

Redistribution of work areas for humidity and temperature control

For a full use of air conditioning, such as fans, heating and humidifiers, it is essential that within the organization, there is a creativity for the accommodation of offices, cubicles and even manufacturing workshops, but it is difficult to have that flexibility. However, when it is achieved, the natural climate of the season will be taken advantage of, so as not to depend so much on mechanical ventilation or heating itself.

It is necessary to take advantage of those very little occupied areas and where there could be better natural ventilation. It is necessary to listen to employees and collaborators in that sense, when they do not feel very comfortable in an area, due to the thermal stress that is generated; in this way, you could save on the use of desiccants and other air conditioning mechanisms.

In addition, it is an exceptional way to save on energy use, since the price of the same is increasingly high, in addition to the inherent pollution that they generate at all levels.

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