Quick and easy solutions to common water heater problems to save money

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Quick and easy solutions to common water heater problems

Some emerging problems around the boiler are usually easy to fix, in others, an expert will be required for their solution. If you can save money on fixing this thing yourself, it sounds pretty good; you just have to detect what kind of drawbacks our water heating system presents.

For example, pipe leaks represent a serious problem, due to the wear and tear of hot water that is generated. Before calling someone, we can first check it ourselves, checking the possible loose joints that could be in the tubes that go from the water heater to the taps, if so, we just have to adjust these connections. On the other hand, if we notice that the leak comes directly from the tank, then it is a more alarming situation, so the replacement of the tank becomes essential; so maybe it’s a good idea to talk to an expert.

If dirty water is perceived coming out of the taps, it could be due to dirt, in which case the system will have to be purged. If the color of the water appears more of a rusty hue, then it is likely due to a faulty anode; if this is the case, it will only be necessary to rinse the tank and replace the mentioned component.

The water heater makes a lot of noise in its tank. This is a common problem, especially in the case of already obsolete mechanisms. First you have to check the content of the tank, and see if there are no scales that are the cause of such annoying noises, which are more noticeable when the boiler is heating the water. Subsequently, and with the help of an expert, the tank must be drained and then decalcified. It is possible that from that moment on, every certain period in months, washes should be made inside the tank, to avoid calcifications again.

If you start to notice that the tank is making too much noise, and that it presents some other details that could represent failures and even a danger, it is best to replace it with another, with a trusted manufacturer or brand. Now, it is normal that when the boiler is turned on, the pipes emit sounds due to the contraction of heat, and the sudden rise in temperature, especially when the pipes are very cold; anyway, you have to check the boiler tank from time to time.

Common Water Heater Pilot Problems

Sometimes it can happen that the pilot does not light, or it does, and then it goes out again for no apparent reason. If this second situation arises, then it is very likely that the thermocouple should be replaced, but first, it is advisable to check that there is no obstruction in the ventilation of the system, or that there is a gas valve that no longer works. If it happens to be a case where it does not turn on at all, it is possible that the light hole is blocked or the tube itself has an obstruction; if so, you just have to change it. It is necessary to observe if the gas line does not have air that prevents its proper functioning. Sometimes the thermocouple can be damaged, and changing it is the only solution.

Yes there is hot water but not for the bathtub or hydromassage. This more than anything is depending on the type of boiler available. If the heating system does not have a tank, then it may not supply the tub. In tankless water heaters, the water flow is constant and it comes out hot when you use it, so you don’t have time to heat an entire tub.

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