Sleep well with the comfort of a humidifier to avoid unpleasant dryness in the skin, nostrils, and throat

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Sleep well with the comfort of a humidifier to avoid unpleasant dryness in the skin, nostrils, and throat

Get a good night’s sleep!

In some regions dry winters can occur, which mean low temperatures and no snow, making an environment somewhat uncomfortable for families and the most vulnerable, such as children and the elderly. To that, we must add the need to turn on the heating of the house or office, sometimes and with some recklessness, to put them to their maximum operation, drying even more the little humid air.

sleep well with humidifier 1
sleep well with humidifier 1

It is wrong to think that the vaporizer is only for the summer or the hot months. For this reason, these devices can be found in hot and cold humidification, depending on the seasonal time where we are.

The warm mist that a nebulizer implies is quite satisfactory for the home or workplace, making these environments very healthy. It must be remembered that excessive dryness affects our mucous membranes, generating discomfort at least, but becoming complicated in the detonation or stimulation for certain respiratory diseases, and more in chronic patients.

Reduce the risk of infections in winter with humidifier

There have been studies where they specify the ranges or percentages of humidity where viruses and bacteria could best grow. The results showed that an atmospheric saturation below 43%, favors a greater presence and spread of viruses and bacteria, making a specific area potentially dangerous.

sleep well with humidifier 2
sleep well with humidifier 2

Very low humidity increases the chances of flu infection, up to 77%. Now, let’s imagine translating that into the current and recurring theme of the coronavirus, COVID-19 or the influenza itself; risk factors that increase in winter seasons. Although, this coronavirus could give other results in terms of predilection for a certain humidity and temperature, differing from the flu.

From what can be seen in these studies, viruses linked to influenza would not move as well in a humid environment, as they are encapsulated in air droplets, and due to the microclimatic conditions of the place.

Humidifier can help asthma symptoms

Increasingly, humidification systems are positioning themselves as a product that provides clean breathable

sleep well with humidifier 3
sleep well with humidifier 3

air in the house or any other closed place. Not for nothing, some advanced air conditioning mechanisms have a humidification function, knowing how important this feature is for a closed and confined environment.

Although, it should not be seen as a remedy for asthma, but, at least it does help children and the elderly to breathe better; they themselves have expressed the benefits of this class of devices. It is also important to consult your doctor before installing these devices in the asthmatic patient’s room.

Humidifier helps to moisturize the throat and nostrils during sleep

One of the most common problems among people who suffer from sleep disorders (although not all), snoring is one of the symptoms of such obstructive sleep apnea. This condition not only threatens quality at bedtime, but also implies significant dryness in the mucous membranes, causing throat irritation.

The treatment that is followed for said sleep disorder, plus the inclusion of a humidification mechanism, could create the perfect scenario that is needed for the quality of sleep to be optimal during rest, helping the person who suffers from it and of course, to the people around him.

Using a humidifier to hydrate dry skin

There are two important factors that lead to dry and flaky skin:

  • The dry cold that usually appears in some regions of the United States.
  • The use of heating and heaters inside the house or office.

This type of skin damage would invariably lead to premature aging of the dermis, having to resort to creams and moisturizers at a relatively early age.

In that sense, it is best to constantly keep our skin hydrated, avoiding those factors mentioned above; yes, with good heating, but also with invaluable circulation of moisture in the air and skin, through humidification systems.

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