The consequences of working at home caused by poor quality of oxigenation and inadequate thermal comfort.

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Use of dehumidifiers and humidification for environmental purification and atmospheric saturation balance

More and more people demand an excellent work environment and thermal and climatic comfort in their workplaces because it does not matter if it is a simple office cubicle, a manufacturing workshop, or an industrial warehouse; The essential thing is that in these places there is always an environmental comfort for optimal work performance.

Pandemic times are generally very difficult to cope with, with long periods without being able to go out, and with the inclusion of the home office, which now does, living all day at home, literally! This invariably brings repercussions, such as stale air, due to the inherent activities in the house, the distribution of spaces, and even the influence of furniture.

To maintain a purified environment in our own home, it is essential to have good natural and mechanical ventilation. But not only have air conditioning and fans but also give the home another type of technology that is more convenient from an energy and comfortable points of view, such as dehumidifiers and environmental humidification systems, as well as home or industrial foggers.

Several factors affect the quality of the air

Several factors affect the quality of the air inside the home, and yes, our prolonged presence in it is a very important one. It is not only formaldehyde and other accumulated substances, but also the gases that we emit, dead skin, among other contaminations. In that sense, the main thing is to keep it constantly purified.

The same volatile organic compounds comprise the accumulation of toxic substances released from the structure of the building -an example is an asbestos-and they are also preceded by the same furniture; In addition to routine activities of course. The breathing that we do generates CO2, therefore, the oxygen must be constantly renewed, through good air conditioning, desiccants to avoid harmful mold for the respiratory tract, and even nebulization to encapsulate and discard microorganisms -this last mechanism is very requested for the industry.

The home office is a very practical and even healthy alternative for any worker who can work remotely, however, this can also cause a problem for the thermal and humidity balance in a certain closed area. The authorities urge the population to have their places properly ventilated naturally, and, likewise, helped with efficient technology -if possible ecological-, such as that offered by a dehumidifier and an ionizer.

Mechanical ventilation is usually a good ally to maintain thermal comfort, but does this also imply adequate atmospheric purification? Not precisely. Hence the importance of using other devices, such as desiccants and nebulizer mechanisms. Nor should they be unique solutions, since we, through certain routines, can purify the air every day. Just by opening windows at certain hours for a certain time, you can help natural environmental

purification; It should not be exaggerated, because thermal comfort can be at risk, and this, not being adequate, affects concentration and the desire to do work remotely and home activities.

Polluted outdoor air is already bad, now we have to imagine stale oxygen inside our own homes, while working from home. This generates health problems that at first and superficially, may not be very significant, but that, being something systemic, will make our heads ache and even develop/worse respiratory problems.

Air filters are essential components in air conditioners and dehumidifiers. They are the perfect complement for a true renewal of oxygen in confined places. In addition, there are models with technology that allow heat or cold to be recovered in the filtering process, so that the temperature and humidity of the place remain constant, without undesirable fluctuations that only cause discomfort.

Investing in advanced air conditioning systems for the home will allow you to have a home that is more appropriate for normal life and work. You just have to approach the experts on the subject.

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