The most harmful and deadly polluting planetary toxin in children: Environmental purification with humidifiers and ionizers in children’s areas

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The most harmful and deadly polluting planetary toxin in children

Environmental purification with humidifiers and ionizers in children’s areas

According to environmental specialists in New Orleans, the presence of lead particles continues to persist in public environments, such as squares and parks. Children are extremely sensitive to poisoning by this compound, which after many years continues to swarm in many parts of the world, even when its ban on its use for different purposes has been more than clear in almost all regions of the planet. Even so, in some parts it is still used, even in the same paint.

Humidifiers and environmental nebulizers in children’s areas

It is estimated that this component affects at least one third of the children in the world. Infants become intoxicated to the degree that they have more than 5 micrograms per deciliter of the deadly lead in their blood. In this sense, the intervention of health organizations is vital for the little ones.

Humidification is essential in children’s places

It is essential that in every place where there is a crowded presence of babies and young children, there is impeccable hygiene in all aspects, where air purification becomes a predominant issue in current times. For this reason, humidifiers and environmental nebulizers are unequivocal examples of systems that help to purify pollutants, which tend to attack people of all ages.

The toxicity of lead is so serious that no environmental and health authority will make allowances to tolerate levels of these in the human bloodstream, no matter how small doses they may be. All companies and commercial enclaves must take this into account, to maintain the levels of this deadly element in total disuse. And they must also take into account the need for all their natural and mechanical air conditioning systems to be in perfect condition.

It is truly alarming how the environmental authorities find traces of this lethal component, even after so many years without using it,

Lead damage in children

as in the case of London, which lead particles are still in presence for use in internal combustion in past decades. In general, large cities continue to have this problem, since both in Asia and in America, the results are similar. This says very clearly about the dangerousness of such a compound.

To this, we must add other sources of pollution with lead, the metal that is still used in some parts of the world as paint. You have to imagine how dire the situation is when there is a high possibility of a fairly severe exposure in children. It should also be added that certain noble processes such as the recycling of batteries and other components that use said metal, if done improperly and carelessly, generate significant points of atmospheric pollution, affecting the little ones.

It is crucial that companies dedicated to handling lead (which should no longer be the case), have at least the awareness of creating a safe environment for the handling of the lethal compound. There must be total hygiene in all senses, with sanitization of industrial

Environmental purification with humidifiers and ionizers in children's areas
Environmental purification with humidifiers and ionizers in children’s areas

areas, and good humidity and temperature control, with the help of humidifiers and desiccant mechanisms. Adding a type of deep cleaning with the help of disinfectant nebulizers and other systems for cleaning harmful particles.

In Mexico itself, through Pure Earth and his witness Daniel Estrada, he found a really deplorable case, of a child with 65 micrograms of lead for every deciliter of blood, all due to being highly exposed to activities as traditional as pottery, but where unfortunately, in this case, the artisans used lead in their varnishes. To conclude his testimony, Daniel regrets that the future of a child is cut short by being exposed to such a deadly metal compound, which is still working to be completely eradicated in human manufacture.

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