Tips to treat acute laryngitis and avoid subsequent serious respiratory diseases with humidifiers at home

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Tips to treat acute laryngitis and avoid subsequent serious respiratory diseases with humidifiers at home

First of all, when you have a serious respiratory condition, it is always best to go to a specialist. Knowing that perhaps some points could help mitigate the risk of respiratory diseases in the home, especially when there are vulnerable people, such as young children and the elderly.

In the American Union, extreme weather conditions are constant in each winter season, perhaps more incisive in certain regions than in others. In this sense, within any enclosure, whether at home or work, the thermal balance must be in perfect balance, and this is achieved with good management of humidity and temperature.

Laryngitis is a highly infectious disease, of the viral type that is highly transmissible between people, especially in the most sensitive of their respiratory tracts, such as children and the elderly. It manifests with an acute mechanism -curable without the need for medical treatment- or chronic -needing underlying treatment-, whose symptoms will be very annoying for anyone. As mentioned, having this condition, and experiencing it in your flesh or when a family member manifests it, it will be transcendental to go to the relevant doctor.

Now, on the other hand, from the same home or workplace, you can make an effort to maintain an adequate microclimate. And precisely the humidifier is the system par excellence that will help in such a task. This mechanism humidifies the environment with controlled doses, enough to allow better breathing, but without exceeding it for the proliferation of mold.

Humidification mechanisms should be installed in all rooms of a house or office complex. It is highly recommended that they be placed in babies’ rooms, to help them breathe better and fall asleep, during their nap hours or at bedtime. It is well known that babies suffering from certain respiratory conditions could have constant discomfort, with colds, sore throats, and even infamous laryngitis; In addition, it cannot be ruled out that these diseases lead to an epiglottis or croup disease -especially in young children-. For this reason, in addition to promoting the ideal microclimate at home, it will be essential that babies visit the specialist periodically.

Home Tips for treating acute laryngitis -continue under medical supervision-

In case the laryngitis is mild, without a history of bronchitis or similar, it is always best to rest the voice, without trying to exceed the function of the vocal cords. It is advisable to gargle with baking soda and lemon in a glass of warm water. Also, herbal teas and tablespoons of honey could be beneficial.

A widely used home remedy is to cover the neck with a damp and slightly hot towel. Doing it three times a day for 10 minutes in a given session could give good results; at least the discomfort would lessen.

Diet is essential for the body to respond to some diseases. Lemon is an excellent disinfectant, which, together with honey, will moisturize the throat in an ideal way. On the other hand, infused ginger is usually effective for relaxing the mucous membranes in the larynx and throat, with curative effects that go very well with the medical treatment in question.

Eucalyptus is a plant widely used in laryngitis and its subsequent symptoms. Therefore, it will be a good idea to boil its leaves until it releases their characteristic aroma. Later, one approaches the pot to breathe its vapors, or it can even be used in the steam bath; twice a day would be more than enough.

Healthy environment with humidifiers. Humidity levels need to be balanced. Dryness will always be counterproductive to anyone’s airways. With home humidification, it is possible to avoid some of the most basic respiratory diseases, to at least thus avoid their link to other more serious ones. Undoubtedly, these mechanisms are modern air conditioning systems for the promotion of home and work health.

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