Cleaning and dehumidifying to eliminate dust mites harmful to humans and pets

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Dehumidifier to balance indoor climate

Different kinds of microorganisms or parasites constantly threaten human health, especially in the respiratory tract, where unfortunately, sensitive people suffer even more from these repercussions. Dust mites or mold spores are usually produced in somewhat unhealthy environments, and more with the catalyst of high humidity.

Cleaning and dehumidifying to eliminate dust mites harmful to humans and pets

Specifically, dust mite is a microscopic animal that reproduces in places with high thermal conditions and atmospheric saturation. Whether in homes, offices or shops with these factors, they proliferate significantly. Sometimes cleaning should be enough, but in some cases, pockets of infection are difficult to detect, causing parasitic spread. In that sense, it’s necessary to carry out an exhaustive review, and a subsequent deep cleaning to try eradicate them at the root.

The dehumidifier is an excellent system to balance the thermal conditions of a house or building. For this reason, it’s essential that these devices be installed in critical points, areas with a high predisposition to high temperatures and sudden increases in humidity, during all seasons of the year.

Specifically in summer, the appearance of mites is constant, due to the climate that favors their reproduction. In these times, it’s transcendental to adopt a more conscientious hygiene in home and workplaces, so these infestations do not affect workers.

Exist different types of mites

Exist different types of mites, which are recreated depending on a specific place. For example, there are those thrive in product warehouses, commonly where seeds, flour are stored, and even in the bakeries themselves. These little animals are supposed to be the most harmless, unless they enter through the respiratory tract. On the other hand, there are parasites more aggressively, especially with mammals with fur, such as pets; some of these parasites can cause a type of skin infection in furry ones. The constant factor of these circumstances is when atmospheric saturation

Cleaning and dehumidifying to eliminate dust mites harmful to humans and pets

has exceeded 75%.

In addition to the dehumidifier, what other recommendations can be followed to eliminate or prevent proliferation of dust mites and parasites that threaten human and pet health?

Anything matted in the house or office, such as rugs, curtains, sheets, armchairs, among others, must be cleaned superficially but constantly, and at least every six months through specialized cleaning and sanitizing services.

Essentially in rooms or bedrooms, it’s very important to make the beds after getting up, so the accumulated dust is dissipated and does not concentrate on the same cots. Also, there are special pillow covers to serve as a kind of barrier, and consequently are easier to clean.

As for clothing, it’s recommended that all clothing isn’t going to be used during a specific season of the year be well stored, such as sweaters or shorts usually used in winter, both for humans and pets. So, it’s best to store them in very well closed bags, so they don’t become a point of accumulation of mites during the summer.

The areas of pets

The areas of pets such as dogs and cats must be very clean every day, knowing these little friends constantly get dirty outdoors, bringing earth, mud

Cleaning and dehumidifying to eliminate dust mites harmful to humans and pets

and other filth into the house. The rugs they use, as well as toys and more that contain stuffed animals, have to be cleaned. Also, if these places are disposed to high humidity and temperature, then the inclusion of dehumidifiers is essential in every way. If there are toys or mats very damaged, it’s best to get rid of them, although they can represent a very important symbolic object for us or our pets, so is more complicated to say it than do it.

Ventilation and decoration. The first is crucial to maintain clean oxygenation in home or office; in addition, direct sunlight affects these critters. A healthy air conditioning system, plus a good dehumidifier, make a lot of difference. Likewise, decorating our spaces with a more minimalist style would prevent the proliferation of these microorganisms, since are fewer obtrusive and unnecessary objects, facilitating the necessary cleaning in those places, where people live most of the time.

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