Practical ways to increase humidity indoors for thermal balance and comfort

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Practical ways to increase humidity indoors

The first tip would be to add a home humidifier. This does not have to be very ostentatious, a simple and simple mechanism is enough, at least to start humidifying common areas. The good thing about these devices is that, in small or medium-sized rooms, they are quite efficient, providing the necessary refreshment, without the need for much energy expenditure, at least compared to the classic air conditioner. These mechanisms can be found in many models, depending on the residence or the structure of the house. In that sense, it is best to go to the experts in air conditioning.

Small ornamental fountains, such as Feng Shui, are sometimes capable of being more than that, mere decorations for the house. If you do not have one of these, it may be time to think about placing a fountain, even a simple one, either inside the house near the garden window, or outside of it, but close to the entrance of the garden. living room. They not only serve as very cute and eye-catching decorative elements but also as water points for birds and hummingbirds. Without letting go of the fact of its functionality as small areas of humidification, as if it were a small ultrasonic humidifier.

A piece of advice that comes from the past is to fill containers with water, and then place them near heat sources such as heaters or other similar devices so that the necessary steam is released and surrounds a certain area. You have to be careful in choosing the container so that it can withstand the heat to which it is exposed.

Houses that have a dishwasher can be a good incentive to provide some humidification inside. This could be achieved by simply leaving the dishwasher open while the dishes and utensils dry, giving at least a refreshing sensation for a while.

A somewhat orthodox solution is to simply hang your clothes inside a very dry room. This is usually done by many people in winter when they need heating, but do not want an environmental dryness, taking advantage of the humidity of the clothes, and at the same time, drying their clothing.

Indoor plants will always be a basic, effective, and, above all, natural solution.

Humidification and purification, as if it were the same as air humidifiers, and it is that certain types of vegetation are capable of eradicating carbon dioxide. Plants for air purification use their roots, stems, and leaves to release the necessary water particles in a certain environment. The main characteristic when selecting the plant, so that it humidifies and purifies the air as if it were a classic humidifying system, is to find those with wide leaves, because those same ones usually provide area humidification, with greater dispersion of humidity. Examples are the bamboo palm, the snake tree, the Peace Lily, and the Philodendron.

Bathrooms and showers are initial points of humidity for obvious reasons, where even the placement of dehumidifiers can be a good idea to prevent the proliferation of microorganisms. However, in the face of excessive dryness in rooms adjacent to the showers, these can be used after bathing, and thus perceive, even for an instant, the necessary and refreshing humidity in adjacent rooms.

Another example would be using steam utensils like irons and other appliances while doing household chores. It seems a bit superficial, but at least it would serve to lessen the effects of dryness, at least as far as an ultrasonic humidifier is purchased.

The essence diffuser is another alternative, which uses the power of essential oils to aromatize a closed space. Even the same humidification systems can work as the same diffusers if it is possible to match the essence containers with the components of the vaporizers or ionizers. It is only recommended to choose suitable essences, so that they are not harmful from an allergic point of view, especially for the most vulnerable people.

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