Sanitization and ultrasonic humidifiers for a comfortable microclimate and a healthy breathable environment

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Sanitization and ultrasonic humidifiers for a comfortable microclimate and a healthy breathable environment

Energy savings of up to 90% inefficient humidification systems

Loss of energy and money will always be preceded by misuse of air conditioning devices for the home, and the same lack of hygiene in closed environments. The issue of industrial, commercial, and domestic disinfection is no longer enough because the best thing will always be to keep the most purified places, as much as possible. This is essential for people with sensitive respiratory tracts, who are constantly exposed to thermal stress and certain environmental pollution.

For example, in the pharmaceutical industry, where laboratories and hospitals, among others, are also involved, they need healthy environments from all angles. However, many times natural air conditioning is not enough, so it will be necessary to implement efficient and safe systems that save a lot of energy, such as ultrasonic humidifiers.

Humidification systems

It is relevant that any humidification system, with sanitization properties, has a production of small droplets, or mist measured in microns, fine enough for rapid environmental absorption. In this way, the materials and inputs that are handled and used to manufacture products will not contract moisture directly. This aspect is very essential when working with highly hygroscopic materials; The best thing will always be to obtain thermal comfort, without putting the materials and the final product at risk, whether in a commercial or industrial environment.

An ultrasonic humidifier should provide a clean mist, especially in matters of domestic or industrial sanitation. After all, sanitary sanitization and disinfection processes in critical areas, and special seasons, have to follow well-defined guidelines, where the use of treated water is implied, with the inclusion of chemicals to disinfect surfaces and the same air that you breathe.

On the subject of conventional steam generators, as they are excellent mechanisms for generating fog, as well as spraying pollutants, it must also be said about the energy consumption that many of these projects, where their impact on the electricity rate of any company, can be relevant. For this reason, industrial humidification devices are usually viable options, at least from an economic-operational perspective; Some of these models are capable of saving up to 50% of energy, at least compared to other generators.

Likewise, it is essential to focus on models with the capacity to provide rapid humidification, and that in the process have intelligence through sensors to measure humidity and the amount of mist that they apply to a certain environment, without compromising the materials that are handled in the industry.

Sanitization and ultrasonic humidifiers

In case the ultrasonic humidifier is used for industrial sanitization, it is paramount to ensure a supply of purified water or at least one that has the minimum possible hardness. This is because the minerals from many sources, as well as the dirt from them, could cause problems for the diffusing system, and for the same breathable air for all the others. With water free of mineralization or any contamination for the humidification systems, it will mean a more suitable cleaning and disinfection process for all areas of laboratories, and shops, among others.

Knowing how to install and operate these dispersion systems, with their good scheduled maintenance, with the fine-tuning of each of its components, will guarantee savings of up to 9%, at least concerning other more traditional isothermal systems.

One aspect that should be considered is the water filter, important for this kind of system. This component must always be in excellent condition, following the instructions in its manuals, and knowing how to clean or change them depending on their state. Also, some units, being portable, will need tidy spaces, where there are no objects that hinder the mist from ultrasonic humidifiers.

An essential piece of advice is to take care to install the equipment in a certain place that needs to be humidified. If the humidity percentage exceeds 70%, then it is best to install a misting mechanism outside the room, so that the mist is properly dispersed through the pipe from the outside, without removing the humidity sensor indoors.

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