Ventilation and dehumidifier to remove mold from clothing, curtains and other woven garments

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Ventilation and dehumidifier to remove mold from clothing, curtains and other woven garments

Ventilation and dehumidifier

An atmospheric saturation at home or office, will always carry risks of mold and other microorganisms that will invariably affect any cloth garment, not just clothes, but curtains, towels, rugs and even the furniture itself. This affects the useful life of our belongings.

Dehumidifiers to remove moldIn addition, it has been shown that moisture fungi on other surfaces, such as tiles, can be harmful to humans, especially people who are highly sensitive to allergies and other respiratory diseases. Therefore, whether at home or at the workplace, there must be constant monitoring of atmospheric saturation rates, with the help of dehumidifiers and good ventilation.

The clothes we wear daily are a clear target of moisture mold, especially if there is high humidity in the wardrobe or closet. This is also determined by the level of hygiene we have in our environment, so cleaning and dehumidification are essential.

How to remove moisture and mold stains from clothes and how to avoid them with desiccant

In case the clothing is already contaminated with moisture and mold, then it is best to remove these stains with water and an effective disinfectant. For every liter of water, only ΒΌ of chlorine will suffice. This can be done in a washing machine or buckets; You just have to let it rest for a couple of hours, then wash it normally, and then put it to dry in the heat of the sun, or if you have to hang it indoors, then locate a desiccant nearby, for further drying.

A product that is very useful for cleaning clothes is boron salt, which although difficult to obtain, is worth it for its great ability to be diluted in water. For an effective removal of heavily contaminated garments, add half a glass to a liter of water, then soak it for at least an hour and then wash it

Dehumidifier to remove
Dehumidifier to remove

normally. Hot water is needed.

Avoid accumulation of mold and moisture on fabrics with ventilation and dehumidifier

Sometimes the spaces in apartments can be a bit limited, so hanging the clothes to dry will have to be done indoors, on some occasions. This could

be counterproductive, since all wet fabric requires good ventilation and desiccation in the environment. Moisture fungus on clothes often originates from the clothes not being laid out properly. In that sense, a dehumidifier is very useful in the interior room where clothing is hung.

For a pleasant environment, with good thermal comfort and without excess humidity, ventilation is essential. For this reason, in the home or workplace, you must ventilate your interiors at all times, the most critical points being morning and night, because that is when the most important thermal changes with respect to the outside climate tend to occur. Doing this will serve to oxygenate all interiors, benefiting people and material things, especially furniture fabrics and clothing itself.

Dehumidifier to remove mold
Dehumidifier to remove mold

If natural ventilation is not enough, then fans or air conditioning should be used, conscientiously and discreetly. If you have a heater, you should not make the mistake of wearing wet or damp clothing, because it could damage the device or even cause an accident. It is best to air with cross ventilation and use of extraction, with a good dehumidification system.

Excess humidity is bad where it is seen, as well as the little presence or absence of it. For this reason, humidification or desiccant mechanisms are necessary in places with high fluctuations in temperature and atmospheric saturation.

But it is emphasized again: the best way to avoid microorganisms in bathrooms and wardrobes will be through optimal cleaning of the house, with adequate hygiene habits at all times. And of course, a good dehumidifier for every room.

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