Environmental humidifiers for good thermal perception in hotel and Airbnb residents or guests

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Humidifiers for good thermal perception in hotel and Airbnb

With the current web platforms, where all kinds of reviews for products and services can be transcribed, without a doubt the ones that can be most exposed to poor service, are those

Environmental humidifiers for good thermal perception in hotel and Airbnb residents or guests

hosting companies and Airbnb itself. It’s enough to put ourselves on the side of the guest, in how we perceive a new place that we arrive, where we only want to rest, and suddenly, an uncomfortable climate is felt, even affecting the quality of sleep.

Precisely, the excessive dryness of a certain place, results in an uncomfortable climate in all aspects, with temperature clearly being a preponderant factor in the mix. Perhaps the employer himself does not notice it, but without a doubt, the perception of other people towards the rented room could be different. In this sense, it’s essential to maintain humidity and temperature control, with good environmental humidifiers.

Speaking specifically of small or medium rooms of an Airbnb, the dryness levels will be noticed when the hygrometer, or in the same thermometer, indicates a humidity below 30%, or even if it’s in 50%, a relative dryness could be perceived; this happens due to the other inherent conditions that arise, such as the temperature in winter or the use of heating itself. In this class of rooms, it’s only enough to place a portable humidistat in the room, to level the atmospheric saturation for the benefit of the client, and the feels of necessary comfort.

Environmental humidifiers for good thermal perception in hotel and Airbnb residents or guests

In any hotel or room rental service by other means, managers or owners should be aware of the health of their occupants, perhaps with simple questions in advance, to find out if the client has any special condition, such as allergies, rhinitis chronicle, among others. It’s important to remember what a very dry environment causes to certain people, whose health may be more susceptible than normal.

Factors for excessive dryness in hotels and how to neutralize it with room humidifiers

Airtight rooms

This happens mostly in hotels with very tall structures. For this reason, the windows remain sealed, and are made of an almost unbreakable material, for the protection of guests. Obviously, this class of complexes have, or should have, efficient and clean air conditioning. The bad thing comes when the heating must be used, for which the desiccation of the environment will be a reality; unfortunately, in these cases, many hotels don’t have humidification equipment, which

Environmental humidifiers for good thermal perception in hotel and Airbnb residents or guests

generates discomfort for the user. Just a detail like that, can be reason enough for a neutral review, in terms of the perception of service in a hotel or Airbnb. In that sense, it’s essential that management, always have a portable or even industrial ultrasonic humidifier available, depending on the needs in a room complex.

Excessive air conditioning dries out the environment

Due to the hotter of a climate on the coast or desert, the excessive use of air conditioning is a relevant factor in environmental desiccation. It’s not only the possibility of excessive spending on air conditioning, but also the creation of poor thermal conditions, in all senses. Unfortunately, very few lodging establishments have air conditioning with humidification. Therefore, to counteract this, it’s best to have portable humidification available.

Dehumidification in the air conditioner

Some systems have desiccation systems in their ventilation mechanisms. For this reason, it’s normal that, in some hotel complexes, the internal air dries out, to such a degree that it bothers many clients. The important thing is to maintain a thermal balance in all aspects. If the air conditioning with the desiccant is part of a central mechanism, it’s recommended at least, to place humidification systems at strategic points, whether portable or fixed.

Climate fluctuation in hotel rooms and Airbnb

Clearly the climatic seasons have a great influence on the microclimatic aspects in any room. In winter, it’s normal for cold and dry climates to prevail, causing discomfort and even illness in residents. During the heat, desert regions exhibit their inherent dryness for obvious reasons. It’s essential to maintain a thermal balance, with environmental humidifiers.

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