Humidification to moisturize and beautify the skin in winter seasons and prevent dehydration

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Humidification to moisturize and beautify the skin in winter seasons and prevent dehydration

The goal of the humidifier is to provide the best possible breathable environment, in closed environments commonly susceptible to pollution. Also, it helps the thermal balance which helps in the minimization of other devices for climate, which tends to spend more energy. But it also has an aesthetic function, which is to take care of people’s dermis, especially those with more sensitive skin to winter dryness.

Precisely a good humidification system helps to avoid skin diseases, such as the constant viruses and bacteria that cause infections. In health studies, it has been proven that increasing the percentage of atmospheric saturation in predominantly dry places lessens the effects of airborne viruses, reducing the chances of flu-like illnesses. Generally, in a very dry environment, expectorations and coughing will always be generated that further damage anyone’s respiratory tract.

Smooth and healthy skin with the help of a humidifier. Moisture will always be the skin’s best ally, and in winter seasons, it will have to counteract the symptoms of an unhealthy dermis, by eliminating cold and dry air. Neglecting the largest organ in the human body will bring premature old age, so taking care of the skin through humidification is relevant to minimize all those factors that constantly attack the body.

The nose is another part of the body that is usually very affected in cold weather, where dryness is capable of worsening any stationary allergic condition. Plain and simple, cold, dry air will dry out the sinuses, lowering resistance to bacteria and viruses. Not for nothing, in the baby’s room, it is recommended to have a humidifier installed, so that the child can sleep peacefully, and the same goes for the adults’ room.

When you are going through a respiratory disease, environmental humidification helps in healing times, so that they are faster and the body can better assimilate the medicine and food, by having a more humid throat, as well as the mucous membranes. In this sense, it is a great idea to have to purify vegetation indoors, to eliminate how much toxin is present in the breathable environment; That gives one more reason, and a very compelling one, to have one or more humidifiers at home and in the workplace.

Important points for the proper use of environmental humidification systems

Use distilled or demineralized water. Generally, direct tap water is used to supply the humidifying mechanisms, but this can be a big mistake, considering that the source of the said liquid has minerals and dirt that promote the growth of bacteria in the device itself and, consequently, in the surrounding environment.

It is important to clean the device at least once a week, precisely to avoid any bacterial adhesion to the system; it is important to prevent the growth of mold and another harmful buildup. This invariably leads to changing filters periodically.

Cold air makes the skin retain its natural moisture for less time, so keeping the place warm is essential in all aspects, but be careful, because excessive use of heating will also lead to inherent dryness of the dermis and mucous membranes. It will always be ideal to have within the air conditioning, the humidifier, the ally to balance the thermal conditions of any place.

In addition, you also have to have certain healthy habits when it comes to taking care of your skin. For example, it seems that showering more than once a day seems like a good idea, but research has found that abusing soap and water throughout the day throughout the human body will cause it to lose its natural protective oils. and dermal hydration retainers. For this reason, it is best to be discreet with personal hygiene, because it seems that you are doing it well when in reality you are harming your own body more.

The benefits of humidification must be seen beyond the thermal comfort that we need at certain times because it will also affect one way or another the personal economy, by avoiding respiratory diseases by having a healthier environment to breathe and for the skin itself, giving the possibility of not spending so much on creams, cosmetics, and even medicines.

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